Saturday, July 14, 2007


Perversion, Do-Goodery, and the Suffering of Friends

Well, I can't think of any combination of things more likely to pique my interest.

My dear friend Bunni is participating in a blog-a-thon for charity. And in return for our support firstly she will subject herself to something insane like a post an hour for 24 hours, and secondly she will tell us all about illicit love in a Parisian hotel room.

All of the details are here.

Dunno about you, but it makes me feel sort of dirty.

And I like it.

Oh thanks so much doll, but you got the order wrong. Since I've gone over 500 dollars I will now write about perversion in Parisian hotel rooms. For the thon (in two weeks) itself I'll be posting horror movie trivia questions every half hour until the completion of the thon. Hot sex writing by tomorrow! Promise.
Ah, I meant that you were going to do both. I can't donate a sou, myself, at the moment but I'm so glad you hit your goal because I live for sweaty Parisian sex.
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