Monday, July 16, 2007


Party on the Patio

We had my kid's birthday party yesterday afternoon and despite a few glitches, she declared it "the best party ever".

The main glitches were the attendees. You see we had sent out invitations on June 28th. Two and a half weeks ago, right? After about ten days when I hadn't received a single call, I had this dreadful vision of having paid $230 for a hall for the kid's party and only two kids showing up (if that).

I've whined on and on about my finances for long enough that you all can imagine just how easily we could handle losing that much money. So ... I cancelled the hall and planned to have the party at the house of a friend who had generously offered her pool for the event.

So comes Thursday, three days before the party, and I start getting calls. One from a kid who I can't understand on the answering machine and who didn't leave a phone number, and one from a mom who hadn't told me beforehand that her son was coming ... and whose kid is terrified of water.


I told the second mom we'd be delighted to have her son come and he could paddle in the shallow end or play on the deck, but she declined to show up. I managed to figure out the other kid's name and track down his number (very common last name, so I couldn't even find them in the book) and they showed up.

And then, when we get home? Guess what's on my answering machine? A call from some parents who had not RSVPd but who had just showed up and who were waiting, two hours after the revised time of the party, outside the cancelled venue.


I'll call them tomorrow and we can maybe all go on a picnic this coming weekend (insanely inconvenient for me but I hate disappointing the kids). But really. Dudes.

RSVP doesn't mean (as my father insists it does) "Reply Sending Vedding Present". Y'all gotta call!

Oh, and I'm insane about quizzes and memes and stuff apparently. I get to find out all sorts of good stuff about myself, because you know if you read it on the interwebs that it's true!

For instance:

You are Bettie Page

Girl next door with a wild streak
You're a famous beauty - with unique look
And the people like you are cultish about it
What Famous Pinup Are You?

*snigger* I'm Marilyn Monroe. And yet my drag name suggests Patsy Cline. Equally tragic, though, I suppose.
I don't think people reply to anything nowadays - letters, emails, phone calls or invitations - and as for thank yous, well, fuggedaboutit. And then they make out you're some sort of controlling nut because you mention it, when really they're the controlling nut because they've been keeping you hanging on. Still, I'm glad the kid enjoyed it, that's the main thing.
The rsvp thing drives me crazy as well. My older daughter had a party for her 4 closest friends for her 10th--all parents we know pretty well and all had said that in principle they could make a gathering on the proposed date. But four days out I'd heard not a word of confirmation and both the kid and I were frantic. It worked out, after I sent a faux humble e-mail accusing myself of having lost their response, but really. So I'm glad your kid enjoyed her party, as that's the goal of these things. I wonder if I've morphed into my Nana when I get so angry about other people's lack of manners (mostly I get agitated when it affects my kids).
You are nicer than I am. I would have called the parents back and told them exactly what you told me - no RSVP, so you changed the venue. And you would have been happy to tell them that, should they have called like you'd asked. And that THEY can explain to their children that the kids missed out on a fun party because they were born to asshats who don't RSVP.
And yes, should the same ever happen to me because I forgot to RSVP, please feel free to email me this comment so that I may print it an eat my words. :-)
I'm Bettie Page too! hee hee hee. It MUST be true then. Except that I look terrible in bangs and wish I had her body..
Dear Bettie,

Congratulations on the successful event and many happy returns to the lovely birthday girl.

I haven't taken the quiz but I'm probably Marie Dressler.
Happy birthday to her highness, and I'm glad she enjoyed the party.
Argh! Whatta bummer. I have learned to call all parents before one of my daughters' parties, because no one ever RSVP's. Or so very few that I realize most people don't know what it means. That must have been so frustrating for you =( Hopefully she had a good birthday, anyhoo.
happy birthday to missy moo!

damn, girl, I am also bettie page. although I look nothing like her, but I digress...

this isn't the first time this has you think we were separated at birth? can't be cause I am older than you, but...(cue the twilight zone music here)

manners are becoming a lost art, as franklin can tell you. and look at the example these parents set for their kids. next time, screw em all and take missy moo someplace special.

and those people that showed up at the cancelled venue? screw em too - you owe them nothing! THEY owe YOU an apology!
I'm with Anne Marie and pacalaga. The party's over.

Happy day to th purple pussycat princess (but she knows that!)
I must be weird because I make sure to call and if I can't show up because Girly or I are sick, I call again to let them know.

Too bad about the kids, but the parents should have had some basic manners.

I'm Bettie Paige too!
ya know, everytime i take a quiz from your blog, i end up with the same results. were we separated at birth? (and my family hails from scotland!)
You know? I'm really starting to miss those quaint little conventions that used to be known as 'basic good manners.' I agree with others who have said that the folks who showed up at the original venue deserve nothing more that a polite "Oh, I'm so sorry. When you didn't respond to the invitation, we naturally assumed you weren't coming."

I'm glad the birthday girl had a fun party despite the boorish behavior of some of the parents.
I tried sending invitations for a kid's birthday party, once.
I'm glad you saved your money. Kudos for raising a kid who tells you she had a great time!
Ack. Kids parties...must be why we only had family (got my bro to drive up 2 hrs) for a few yrs, then just a couple close friends here at home and then off to a movie. And Ack. I'm Betty Paige too and I don't know who she is!
It doesn't have to be a kid's party. I had a heckuva time trying to get relatives to RSVP for a family reunion so I had no idea of how many people were going to be there. Turned out I had too much food and too big a space.

Next time, let in the RSVP'ers and charge admission for the slackers.
Well Happy Birthday Kidlet!!! Just makes for a memorable birthday.
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