Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Oh Hey, It's Tuesday

And I'm not hung over any more, although I am, apparently, completely out of post titles. Cool. Knew it would happen sooner or later.

A little clarification, and answers to some questions (seeing I'm also all out of the funny but I'm rather hoping that one will come back).

The finger: I had left a kitchen drawer open. I had also left a large pot of water with vinegar in it on the floor. I tripped a little while stepping over the pot, reached out to balance myself, stuck my finger in the drawer and jammed it shut and fell against it with my entire weight.

I was sober at the time. It still hurts like hell. My days as a concert pianist are over. (before you ask no, never. but a girl can dream)

The warshcloths: Any size. I like 8x8 but anything from, say, 7x7 to 9x9 would be fine. If you've done a different size, that's fine too. Knitted, crocheted, woven, anything is most excellent, thank you.

There was a question about washing the yarn first and I certainly wouldn't but that has to do with my general slothfulness plus the horrible lack of sleep thing going on around here. If that's what you want to do, please go ahead. Remember these cloths will be used wet, not dry, so they'll be softer than they are dry anyhow.

Uh ... there were other questions. I'm sure there were. In fact there were a ton of comments I haven't answered that I was going to get to but apparently my brain just fell out. Also I have to go clean my house and my daughter hasn't stopped talking for the last two hours (I mean not even to take a breath) so I'm sort of losing it here.

I think she has a future as an auctioneer. Or like one of those guys that hollers at pigs.

Send help. And earplugs.

Perhaps you should take E to an auction...let her hear it firsthand, ditto on taking her to hear one of those guys hollerin' at his pigs......
I am sorry about your finger. I don't recall if you said, but is it at least an entertaining finger to show off, by itself?

As for the child, is she actually conveying any information that is remotely understandable? Or is she talking just to hear herself talk? (I have three, they all went through that stage.) Duct tape can be quite useful at times. But, when she is a teenager, you may actually long for the sound of her voice, or at least her voice when it is not a snarl or a snap. Pros and cons in all things.
My daughter is in league with yours.
She's either buried in a book and unwilling to be disturbed, or she's talking. Loudly. About absolutely nothing.
Would send chocolate if I could get it there fast enough, but I may have to just eat it instead.
my daughter is 4 and talks all day long also, even in her sleep.
maybe the 2 of them can skype echother and talk all the time (is that wrong, to put a 4 y/old on skype??)

Hee hee. I once recommended earplugs as part of an official family therapy thing I was doing. They helped.
i would wash unmercerized cotton, if only so there's no surprises once it gets used (they shrink a WEE bit)

as for talkers? try livingwith my 14 year old son. he doesn't even stop to breathe. he even talks in his sleep(i long for the silence that is SUPPOSED to accompany teenagers!)
Hey, not that I'm trying to pry, but is your finger really okay? I mean, you didn't break it or anything, did you? I know "okay" is all relative, generally blood and guts means not "okay" but I'm looking for the future here. (This is from a violinist who did break her finger...but is now okay.) Hope it all goes well.
My daughter is 7. I think she talks to prevent others from speaking. It's a control thing.
You should use the Hebrew shout at such times: Dye! no not your dye but dye = enough! it works especially well in my house, it is enough to me, die to my wicked daughter and more to my darling (it is in his mother tongue: Croatian) and when you start laughing about all those meanings you instantly forget the ongoing assault on your ears, no? hope it will help!
i would make a cloth if i could figure out where any fucking thing was without my having a nervous breakdown over it anymore.
God, that must have hurt. I have mobility problems that make me fall over easily (no, it's not due to drink) and I often find myself doing that sort of thing and watching myself in slow motion while thinking, 'I bet I couldn't do this if I was trying.' You should get it checked, though: get an X-ray, or whatever they call them nowadays. You don't want to have pain in a knitting/dyeing finger if you can avoid it.
I do that talking thing with my mother. I try to fit in everything that has happened since last I saw her, because obviously she wants to know everything. I'm 25, we don't grow out of it (sorry).

Hope the pain goes away soon. I'm shuddering just thinking about it. Yes, I am weak.

I second the duct tape idea. If you're feeling generous, you could put some tissue paper over her lips first?

She's too young to need her mustache waxing I guess...
My daughter duct taped her own mouth once. When I asked her why, she said, "I just can't stop talking!" LOL.

I feel for you on the "OMG...just SHUT UP for five minutes" front. Been there...doing that. She's 8.

Ouchies on the finger. Don't you just hate the dumb injuries?
Lady, I feel the finger pain: I jammed mine while playing basketball last night and it HURTS. May we get better soon.

Oh, and ps I adore your blog.
Oh, I feel your pain (not the finger pain, the yappy daughter pain). I have a daughter like that; she started talking in full sentences when she was about 16 months old and hasn't stopped yet (she's 21 years old!). The good news - you learn to tube her out; the bad news - GAWD help you if you can't repeat what she said when asked if you're listening!
I'm with you on the chatty assy issue. Mine starts every (and frequent) change in topic with "Mom!" or "And Mom!" which will be repeated unless I respond verbally.
Oh, the non-stop talking! My ears feel your pain. I have four little girls yimmering and they won't be going away until 5:30ish then I get to keep the yappiest singingest one. Apparently she is pay back for what I did to my Mother.

(that's my best pig call, by the way)
I've got a talker too. It always surprises our family. I don't know why -- they see enough of her.
Or maybe a future in talk radio.
I'm sorry about your pinky, I hope it heals quickly.
Yeah, you didn't answer my question. Here it is again: Flarble glarsh flubnet sygelbee sard. Is that clearer now? How's that hangover?

I have said to my son, "I really need you just NOT TO TALK for five minutes." It works on alternate Tuesdays in months starting with the letter R.

Sorry about your finger. Did you tell us whether it's the middle one? That would be a tragedy. Or comedy, if it's splinted.

Geez, now it's me who can't shut up.
Hope it wasn't the middle one, but then you have another on the other hand ;) Help, earplugs and washcloths it is! 100 hahahaha I can't wait for the final count.
Poor thing on both accounts - finger and unrestrained talking. I have a 13 year old stepson who is the same. But thank gods he hasn't learned to try to be 'cool' instead lol.
Hotter than hell in Victoria, bet you're happy you work nights right now, it's gotta be cooler at night
Many of us wish we were as funny as you are when you're "all out of funny" so hey, I wouldn't panic. Oh, and if you ever find where they keep all the clever blog headlines, I'll slip you some cash to let me know where... (not that i would remember anyway, my brain having fallen out as a result of end of school chaos and not one but three kids who talk nonstop)
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