Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Oh Hai! I Has No Interwebs 4 U

Yeah, no interwebs at the house for a couple-three weeks.

I can, however, stealthblog from work, and I'm working every night until um, August 4 or something.

There will likely be neither photos nor store updates, but I'm quite certain there will be rants.

note to unwashed man on bus today: Wash. TIA.

Oh yeah, and I'm knitting. A wonderful reader traded me a camera for some yarnz and I'm trying to figure out the close-up dealie. Once I have that figured out perhaps I shall stealth-upload some pix from the parents' house and show you my thrice-knitted reversible cable scarf. It's nice. Finally. We will not discuss Row Nine. Ever.

Carry on.

edited to add: yes, you can still contact me via email, but it may take longer to get back to you.

be sure you fly below the radar. we don't want anybunny suffering from bytes.
I have one word for you: gesundheit.
*whines* but I want to discuss row 9!!!
Yay for stealthblogging at work, and even bigger yay for a new camera!
Ah, stealthblogging, almost as good as good as some good dirty fun.
Mirrors are your friend.
OK, I'm imagining you, a la Elmer Fudd, sneaking up to your blog, saying "Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting Wabbitch." I make myself laugh.
Eep! At least on the no interwebs thingy. Stealthblogging and new camera, though, way cool! Sympathies on no net - I was without for 20 days or so this spring, and yegawds, I nearly went completely bonkers. Wait. Ok, yes, I know I'm bonkers already, but I mean more-- Oh, fuhgeddaboudit. Whatever, it sucks. Drink more beer, Rabbitch.

And btw, I still don't believe that St. Rabbitch bit no matter what the evidence. I think it's all Acting. Or a plot. What the purpose is I have no clue, but I'm sure it's nefarious. ::grins and runs like the clappers::
Don't forget to snack and have a few brews while you're at it. Good luck with the net stuff:)
No internets! Oh, the tragedy. I wish you good luck with Mission: Stealthblog.
the aubergine is in da house and it's truly lovely.


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