Monday, July 23, 2007


My Isadorgia

Is it only me who wondered what kind of fucked-up name Isadorgia was when Frankie Valli sang that song?

It took me months to figure out that he was singing "My Eyes Adored You".

In my defense, I had a great-aunt Isabella whose name was pronounced EYEsahbella, not IZZahbella, but really.

That's worse than the time I thought that Sheryl Crow was singing "Put On A Pawn Show" when she was actually saying "poncho". The only argument in my favour is that people shouldn't sing about ponchos. It's just wrong.

Sometimes I think I need to get my head checked. Clearly my ears are beyond help.

Speaking of which, have you visited here lately? Days of fun with misheard lyrics. It always gives me a gigglesnort.

Aw geez, I could confess to a lot of these.

But I won't.

Although my SIL used to think that the Poppin' Fresh Dough Boy's name was "singalow," because of the song "Say hello/singalow to Poppin Fresh Dough!"

It's much cuter when I sing it in person.

As I will to you at Rhinebeck.
For years, I thought "My Woman from Tokyo" was "My woman is okay y'all."

Seriously. I still get shit for that.
My favourite from that site is still Elton John's Tiny Dancer, with the mis-heard line "Hold me closer, Tony Danza."

My own confession: for years as a child, I thought the Teddy Bears' Picnic song was not about "watch them, catch them, unawares" - but "watch them, catch their underwear!" And instead of never having "any cares" they never had "any carrots." Lucky bears!

Why yes, I was an odd child...why do you ask? (And I do still sing it that way.)
My babysitter once began singing "hallelujah" along with the Beatles' "I'm a Loser"...when I very nicely pulled her aside and said "No, Jen, it's 'I'm a Loser'", she looked aghast and began to protest...."YOU ARE NOT!!!!!" We never let her live it down!
"there's a bathroom on the right."

guess the tune!
"My Eyes Adored You"? Huh. I always thought it was "My-yyy Sweet Georgia". Time to clean the wax out of my ears. An ex-bf swore to me that Led Zeppelin mentioned his name in one of their songs. The line said something about "which is where..." and it sounded like Richard Ware. I've misheard tons but can't think of any right now.
i love annoying my sister by singing 'scuze me while i kiss this guy' when i ran across the web site you mentioned, i was in my element (i'm notorious for mishearing do NOT want to know what i hear when ac/dc sings about "dirty deeds" lol)

my favorite 'mondegreens' are probably dobie gray singing "give me the beach boys and free my soul"; finding out that "everybody needs somebody, toledo" (don't ask i have no clue how i came up with that one); and that "i can see clearly, now lorraine has gone...i can see all popsicles in my way" ;-)

and yes of course there's a bathroom on the right lol!
Once, when I was 9 (I love telling this story), my mother & I were in the car, listening to the radio, and my mom was singing along. "No ducks a hazard in the classroom," she belted along with Pink Floyd. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get over my laughter and tell her it was "no dark sarcasm," not "no ducks a hazard." She just thought it was a nonsense line and had been singing it that way since the first time she heard it. Oy.
I'd love to know what other people heard in Dirty Deeds! I thought it was Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chiefs....
Remember "Remedy" by the Black Crowes? I always thought they were singing, "Can I have some lemonade.."
The bathroom on the right is my fave. I always thought I'd have a sign like that if ever I managed a store.
I am LMAO at ducks a hazard...
Is she really putting on a poncho? That makes so much more sense than "put on a porn show." Yikes. Dirty minds and all that...
Here's my 4 year old's version of Maneater by Nelly Furtado. First of all, here are the real lyrics:

She's a maneater
Make you work hard
Make you spend hard

Her version:

She's a maneater
Needer woof dog
Makin' dik pog

I just sent in a submission to Misheard lyrics because one of the ones I checked (my husband and I argue about it) still didn't have the lyrics right for the "real" lyrics in one submission. Of course, I'm right about them! P.S. The song is Drift Away.
I am so gonna have to check that misheard lyric site (right now, at computer training...). At least yours wasn't as bad as mine when I was in jr high, I thought the censor folks would never let 'it's my dick, you know-o-o, never believe it's not so' on the radio, couldn't figure it out until I was in college and found out the song is 'it's magic'
My husband is hearing impaired, so it's pretty often that he asks me what the real version of a misheard lyric is. My two favorites:

Zombie Nation (before we knew the name of the song): the beginning, when the guy goes "zombie...zombie...zombie....zombie nation", he thought he was singing "zombie raisins".

Smile Like You Mean It from The Killers (I think it was the Killers): he thought "Smile like you mean it" was "My lucky weiner".
You've seen this video, right?

My favorite line: "make me fries"
There's a group called LIVE and they had a big hit that had the line, "Our love is like water." I thought it was, "Our love is like Walter." til I asked a friend, Who the hell is Walter??
I never hear lyrics right. I sing on with nonsense lyrics, knowing they're wrong but never learning the right ones... well, at least I enjoy it.

And no one, NO ONE, should sing about ponchos. They should die a quiet death and never be heard about again.
As a child, I never thought the words to songs actually made sense. I think I was 15 before I figured out thatmost songs told a kind of story. So the line "My eyes of Georgia" was perfectly reasonable to me.
My mother, however, would add wordsand beats to existing lines to make them fit her worldview. The chorus of Fleetwood Mac" "Hold Me" became "I wanna, I wanna be with you". She occasionally still sings it that way, though she was correcteed by seventh graders in 1983.
Dylan has to be the best ..snort !
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