Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Like A Phoenix, Arising From The Asses

Or something.

We're on the way back up. A few things have been clarified for me (no, I'm not sharing) and I also have the interwebs thing back, which makes life a little easier.

Store update this weekend, I hope.

And in the meantime ...

Your Life Path Number is 22

Your purpose in life is to use your power for good

Of all the life paths, yours has the most innate power.
Your power lies in your vision, and you must recruit others to help you in this vision.
You are able to be a great idealist, but you still have the practicality to get things done.

In love, you tend to be a big romantic - but you also tend to keep your distance.

You have a lot of potential, and it's sometimes hard to live up to.
Sometimes you just feel like slipping into obscurity and doing nothing.
You tend to be prone to dramatic emotions, until you step back and look at things honestly.
What Is Your Life Path Number?

Many thanks to Farm Witch for yet another amusing time-waster.

yesssss - I am first!

glad to hear the ducks are lining up for you (finally).

here is my take:

***Your Life Path Number is 7***

Your purpose in life is to find truth and meaning.

You are very spiritual, and you are interested in the mysteries of life.

You are quite analytical and a great thinker. You have many theories and insights.

A life of solitude is perfect for you. You need time to think and do things your way.

In love, you are quite charming. You attract many with your confidence and wit.

While you enjoy being alone, sometimes you take it to an extreme. You can become too isolated, shutting out loved ones and friends.

Express yourself a little bit more, and you'll be surprised where it takes you!

yup, I likes being alone! one can never do enough thinking!
See, I got the same number as anne marie, but I don't think it is really accurate for me. Don't ask me why I expect a silly fortune generated by a computer based on my birth date to be accurate...
from the asses? you are hysterical, make my morning...
I got a "Life path 1" but I don't think it's really like me (I posted it on my blog if you want to see). I think "7" is much, much closer to what I'm like! Oh well, I guess I should just submit to my fate.

I'm glad things are getting better (?). Was July just sucky for everyone?
Mine is 11. Apparently I don't fit in. Big shock, I though I was uber cool and everyone loved me.

There is something coming your way.
Judas jumping priest on a silver pogo-stick, you are a saint!!!!

::sincerely:: Blessed St. Rabbitch--

Nope, sorry. Can't keep a straight face. Patron saint of really good sarcastic humor, maybe?

(I was an 8. Which had me in hysterics, as it said I was good at managing and making money, which is about as wrong as wrong can get.)
Glad things are coming back together for you. I had really good sex, and feel the same way. :D
A big romantic who keeps a distance? Wtf? Is your 'lifepath' supposed to be taking you to work as a phone sex operator, er, 'romantic'? Poor thing... all this time you've been wasting getting to work and back... it was as easy as picking up a telephone! *snort* Cami
You? Dramatic? Nahhh.
Hey - don't go away too much - us saddies miss your pearls of wisdom and all that crap (I originally typed "carp" - does that mean something?)
I'm glad!

Charlizeen at redneck dot com [meant to be funny, not derogatory]
I'm happy to hear things are getting better. We don't want you to depart from the blogosphere. You're a refreshing breath of snark that makes my morning cup of joe so much more enjoyable before tackling the bureaucracy.

I'm a 3, by the way. Creative, witty, artistic, sharing crazy ideas and the life of the party, enchanting and inspiring my partner and being an object of fantasy and desire. Too bad I have this short in my brain that keeps me from articulating what I really want to say and have the body of a retired place kicker.
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