Sunday, July 29, 2007


Knitting My Life Back Together

I'm still here, still knitting. Not quite as broken as I was. Not quite as together as I'd like to be. Thanks for the notes of encouragement, and for sticking around while I work out what I'm going to do when I grow up. And, you know, how to avoid drinking bleach.

I got some yardwork done (appropriate "before" pictures were taken) and have completed another something like six knitted items (only four of which were washcloths, I'll have you know!)

Working 12-hour shifts this weekend (8pm to 8am) and then really you don't want to know what the rest of the week looks like. I snuck an extra half a shift in between two regular shifts somewhere in the middle of the week and that, plus the two 12-hour shifts this weekend will be enough, I think, to both get us the interwebs back plus get a beater of a car. I'm going to be a hag this entire week, but it'll be worth it, even though I found a way to get home on Saturday morning in only an hour anna half. (I also found a way to get home on a Saturday morning in only half an hour, but that one involves a change of job. Patience, grasshopper).

I'm only working one 8-hour shift this coming weekend (which could quickly morph into two 8-12 hour shifts if things go bliggety, which they so often do). If I get away with only the one shift, I shall post some pictures of things I've been dyeing to show you.

Otherwise we shall maintain the status quo of all whining, all the time.

I had an exciting time last night at work though! No, I can't blog about the stuff that happens here 'cause it would be disrespectful to the patients (and also illegal and could get me fired and stuff) however I can blog about the excitement of watching my Bunni go for the gold -- and make it. I left her pretty much face-down in a bowl of oatmeal after her 24-hour marathon, but she managed to raise over a thousand dollars for her charity, which is something to be proud of. There's still time to sponsor her for the next day or so if you're so inclined.

Oh, and if anyone's still looking for Jimmy Hoffa? He was hidden in my lawn the entire time. You'll understand how it could have taken this long to find him once I post the pictures.

Isn't it nice when you can actually survive a whole week without killing someone?

Hopefully things will continue to be on an upswing for you.
Dude. I hate to disagree with you, but Jimmy Hoffa was found in my radiator at work.
I think Jimmy's actually been alive all these years, but isn't anymore after encountering you at the end of those insane shifts this weekend. I'm interested to hear more about the getting-home-in-half-an-hour possibility...
Then whose is the body under all the boxes in my guest room?
Glad you're not quite so broken, and that you didn't break anything or anyone else in the process. Svetlana's on her way...
I figure once you've knit your life back together, you'll have worked out all the kinks in the pattern. Then, you could knit mine, too! Hey, what are friends for?
Here we wuz all proud an' such 'cause he had hizzelf an island up here. We figgered fur sure the Hoffa wazza buried up here. Folk here like to tell tales of him bein' all nice and stuff longs you left him 'lone.

Here's hoping you get enough to buy a sort of beater instead of a total beater. You worked the same shifts the Mr. gets to work all the time. He's a happy man.
Aha! There's Jimmy Hoffa! Hope you made him a washcloth too. Now we really know what all the bleach was for! And now your ring gets to be kissed ;)
We're here for ya babe!
Ghu, if I had a car, I'd donate the sucker to you. I don't, mind you, but if I did, I couldn't afford what it'd cost to run and insure anyway. Here's hoping for a beater that runs without sucking up twice its price every couple months in repairs. And the interwebs. Kinda hard to sell the damned yarn without any interwebs!
So that's where the ba*t**d is ! Former Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
Hope you are feeling better very soon. Look after yourself, you are important.
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