Friday, July 06, 2007


I Have The Brain of a Syphillitic Weasel

Apparently it was not Norma who made the Sherpa reference, but Carol.

Clearly I am a twat. Thank the FSM that I don't have more friends or it would just be a huge mess over here.

Carol has kindly agreed not to stab me to death with a dpn.

And now I'm going to check if I have any of that bleach left...

Is that a syphilitic stash weasel? Cuz those are way worse than the regular kind.
Depending on the gauge of the dpn, it could be painful but not deadly to be stabbed with one. (especially if you are a Slurpee) LOL!
Clearly this wins Best Blog Post title. Sadly, there is no cash prize.
I agree with Claudia. Best post, well, next to the World's Slurpee. I miss those. Going the sev' gettin' a slurpee and rockin on the sugar high. I was a bit of a loser, maybe.

Will you be seeding the couch cushions with DPN's? It would make it hard to sleep on.
Well, *I* wasn't going to say it....
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