Thursday, July 05, 2007


I Am Not The World's Slurpee

Heh. This made me actually and for real LOL.


Bunnie: We have to fucking well kill Ben
Bunnie: ok so today is E's birthday, right?
Mouse: OMG..
Bunnie: and she gets invited to go to B's to swim
Bunnie: I ask Ben if he wants to go and swim (it's hot here)
Mouse: tell the little rugrat I said happy birthday
Mouse: or whatever
Bunnie: he says no, I can go if I want and he will do dishes while I'm out
Bunnie: so
Bunnie: I say well will you do the LR too because it has to be done
Bunnie: he says yes he will do what he can get done
Bunnie: so I haven't been swimming for ages and I love B's gramma so we go.
Bunnie: Get back ... guess what?
Mouse: hm
Mouse: he's asleep on the sofa
Mouse: and has done NOTHING
Mouse: am I close?
Mouse: Rabbitch.. in the livingroom.. with a candlestick
Bunnie: no, he was in the kitchen, but he'd washed about five pieces of cutlery and that's it.
Mouse: wait.. let me change that
Mouse: Rabbitch.. in the KITCHEN.. with a clean knife
Mouse: ( I love Clue)
Bunnie: with ~THE~ clean knife, not A. You make it sound like there was more than one
Mouse: heh
Mouse: then you might not want to use a clean one
Mouse: someone might want toast with jam.. and then what would you do?
Bunnie: I'd tell them to get their own fucking toast with jam, I am not the world's Sherpa any more.
Mouse: I just had to read that twice..
Bunnie: I don't know if the Sherpa traditionally makes toast.
Mouse: the first time I thought it said "Slurpee"
Bunnie: I just laughed out loud
Mouse: and the second time I thought you said Sharpei


I'm not usually one to blog private conversations but I have permission. And this made me snort.

And I have nothing else to blog about because I suck, and such.

Thank you to Norma for the Sherpa comment and to Mouse for giving me permission to blog this so I didn't have to think of anything witty to say.

Would that be a cola slurpee or a cherry slurpee? If you were a slurpee, you'd get to freeze people's brains.
Um, hello? apparently you missed my "the world doesn't exist to be your sherpa" post, oh, way back in Nov. 05. Norma, my ass.
"I don't know if the Sherpa traditionally makes toast."

ROFLMAO!! That is surely some rallying cry, somewhere, somewhen! Amazing, innit, how I'm betting we all knew what the outcome would be on the getting anything done.

(And thanks for the comment. Saintly? I'm supposed to believe saintly? Um. Well, he's still alive, come to think of it. S'ok. I'll buy saintly. Just this once. Until I see breaking news from your neck of the woods about someone killed by Slurpee drowning. [vbg])
You made me snort my slurpee all over my keyboard (okay, it might have been tea). But my favourite part was about THE clean knife - sounds like my house.
Sherpas have a long and highly respected tradition of making toast.
Unfortunately this skill is being forgotten and not taught to young sherpas due to western influences and the time consuming practice of reading blogs all day.
OMG. I think we must live in parallel universes...I took the kids (ALL OF THEM. I wanted to throw them to the clowns) to march in the 4th of July parade here, Mr. Man had this big laundry list THAT HE WROTE FOR HIMSELF to do while we were gone, and instead? He watched a marathon of Deadliest Catch or that stupid Gene Simmons reality show or Mythbusters or something. And took a 2 1/2 hour nap.

And I'm not even getting nooky out of this deal. :@
Maybe if you threatened to "go all slurpee" on him that would help? (Although he might take that to mean something other than having icy purple juice thrown in his face...)
It was Mythbusters. I got sucked in too.

Thanks for the laugh. I can hear it now echoing over the rooftops: "I am not the world's Slurpee!"
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