Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Hardly Surprising



Well that's certainly going to keep me up at night. But really, it only confirms what I already suspected.

Yes, but you have a 92 percent chance of CAUSING a zombie apocalypse.
Hey, you're right. Your blog post is making perfect sense to me.
me, 48%.
Mwahahahaha! I agree with what Carol said, too... :)
Mine's only 25%, damn...
Holy shit. Apparently being totally out of shape, possessing minimal food stocks, and definitely not being a stout-hearted, square-jawed sort doesn't matter as much as having some small knowledge of guns, plans to find the nearest decent hiding place, and being willing to whack first and check for actual zombieism later. I got 46%!!!
Causing. Bwa ha ha ha.....
i got only 31%. must be my lack of the the whack-first mentality.

but i could always wrap their heads with my scarves so they couldn't see me!

ellen in indy
Well, I'm hiding with you, because I only have a 37% chance, too, so maybe they'll get you first? :-)

Never knew I was supposed to be hording months worth of canned goods; now I have to figure out WHERE to put them all, just in case of a zombie invasion!
I've only got a 32% chance. So. Well. Who wants to survive a Zombie apocalypse anyway. I don't think they'd have any good yarn stores.
Apparently my compulsive need to shop for two weeks worth of food at a time and my scary ability to handle guns give me a 67% chance of survival.

Although I think being in the bush with a low population count matters more. Fewer people to turn into zombies up here.
57% Ain't bad, but I'd rather be at 100 ya know?
Heh - I got a 54% - I'm not sure I Like having odds that are essentially the same as flipping a coin, but still, it's better than nothing, right?
I have a 57% chance of surviving, but I think that's because I said I'm not good at running. No zombie movie has ever provided footage of zombie quickness, so I think my chances are actually higher. Plus, I have a bike.
I'm probably doomed at 38%, but wouldn't some Zombie Apocalypse sock yarn (black/white/corpse grey/blood red) be a great fashion statement for those end times?
81% I think I should have scored higher on marksmanship, though, it's extremely important. And Kristen is in trouble because in 28 Days Later the zombies are SO FAST and full of rage.
50%. Heh. Probably because I said that I would drive 20 minutes to find my loved ones in case they hadn't turned into zombies yet, but I would also shoot them if they actually had turned into zombies, without staring soulfully into their eyes first.

But I can't run for long, and I don't have much experience with guns. But I could figure out how to blow things up, oh yes I could!
Huh, 67% chance of survival for me. Turns out I'm armed, agressive, and self centred. Who knew?

Guess I'm toast.
I scored a 60%. Now, if I actually owned a gun, instead of heading into a Wal-mart to purchase one once the zombies arrive; therefore allowing me to seek out a highly fortified shelter; thus allowing me to locate and fortify the entrances to said building instead of first seeking out weapons, I'd have scored much higher.

So...Georgia or bust?

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