Sunday, July 01, 2007


Happy Canada Day


Almost let the day end without wishing you and yours a happy Canada Day.

Kidlet and I had a great time down at Canada Place -- bouncy castles, a not-entirely-vile cover band (I couldn't help but think "close but kinda meatless" every time they played), a complete lack of food apart from ice cream and $4 cups of shaved ice, but spending the day watching Herself go completely mental was worth it.

Tomorrow we attack The Evil Garden. I promise before and after pictures. Unless I don't buy a new camera (returning the borrowed one shortly to my darling Wenchlette) and then you'll just get "before" pictures. I'll get E to draw the "after" shots.

Hope you had a happy and safe day, eh?

Happy Canada day! If gardening is theraputic, I'm nuts.
Happy Canada Day, Hoser! :)

Drink some Molson, eat some Smarties (the M&M kind, not the SweetTart kind), put on Much Music in the background and have some Canadian fun! (What other kind would you have? lol.)
Belated Happy Canada Day! And what, no beavertails?! Isn't that a crime??? (Damn, now I'm craving one.)
Happy Canada Day! Pass the poutine!

My dad was Canadian but was one of those guys who would sing only the first few words of a song. So I grew up learning the anthem as "Oh Caa naa daaa, da da da da dah dah daah..."
No food at a playpark on Canada Day? Did they get tired of cleaning hotdog and cotton candy puke off the rides and out of the bouncy castle? Wimps!

Happy Canada Day weekend!
Did they look like actors who play Jesus?
Hi honey

Sorry I missed the date or I would have celebrated. Have finally caught up on your blog. Life's been wild.
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