Saturday, July 21, 2007


A Good Time Was Had By All

Well, I found the black bra, the slutty little green tank top, some jeans that were so old that they almost weren't there (but soft!) and off I went.

I wore mascara, too, but I think most of it was gone by the time I took bus #3. Or perhaps Long Walk #3 in the rain.

I'm horribly non-photogenic and I can guarantee that I was way hotter than the photos indicate, however there are a few over on Mrs. Q's blog. The second one makes me look like the Michelin man. I have no idea why it looks like you can see my belly button (on the second or third belly there). I had my pants zipped up, honest. I can only assume it was Some Mysterious Stain (tm).

You know it's never a complete evening without obtaining Some Mysterious Stain. The fact that I got dressed out of the bottom of the laundry pile might have something to do with the condition of my clothing also.

The band was fantastic (that is really what I think*) and the beer was very good. They didn't have the kind I usually drink but Whistler Pale Ale is pretty nice.

And now I'm off for #1 in a series of something like 21 nights of work in a row. (note to bitchy co-worker here: if the person relieving you phones up to find out how hot it is in our usually-overheated office, before you are snippy with her and refuse to answer in any informative manner, merely repeating "well there ARE fans here", you may consider the fact that she was planning on being about 45 minutes early for her shift; however, she has now rearranged her evening so that you will be leaving at about 11:58 rather than the 11:15 that you could have bought yourself with about 20% less attitude. Even though the later bus will enable her to relieve you at about 11:45, please note that she will, in fact, make a point of wasting ten minutes standing about outside the office rather than coming in and relieving you. She may even stand in view of the security cameras so that you know she's doing it on purpose).

*random rock 'n' roll reference of the week

edited to add: co-worker didn't know it was me, thought it was another Janice and apologized. She still only got out 8 minutes early, I'm not that nice, apparently

I have to say, showing the whites of your eyes in that first photo had me just a little spooked...
seriously you look fabulous and it's good to see you obviously having a great time. rock on.
(and the repeating question of the week..did the washcloths get there?)
Ha, you fell victim to the x-ray properties of a camera flash. Same reason my bra strap shows in almost all my wedding photos...
Saint Rabbitch... snort...
That looked like fun, and that wasn't a michelin look, that is what they call a six pack I think, or a variation
You looked just fine...St. Rabbitch has a nice kind of ring to it. You really know how to handle the co-workers, heh heh.
You are a bad, bad influence on me! Making me stay out all night and listen to rock music....heheheheh! Thanks for coming out, it was oodles of fun!
Is it only me or does anyone else think there is something unnatural about a woman drinking beer and knitting?
I can't decide if it's cool or sad to identify the random rock & roll reference of the week - of course, I'm probably showing that I'm a sad old person just by using the terms "cool" and "sad" instead of whatever the current terminology is (DD1 probably say "sick" and "mank" but then again, maybe that was last week). (And by the way, which one's pink?)
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