Friday, July 20, 2007



I'm actually going OUT.

I have no clothes. I slept all day and didn't buy new jeans. The only jeans that fit me are ripped in a way that renders them unwearable.

I am wearing underwear. That's it. And my hair is washed.

If I wear a dress (which I do have actually) then I have to wear makeup (which I also have) and that's just so not me right now I don't think I can do it.

This is dumb.

I want some cowboy boots.

I'm not good at going out. And even worse than the clothes, I have to find something to knit. Washcloth or scarf? I may finish up the Harlot's fake-rib scarf that I'm making for a friend.

Or a washcloth.

Is it weird to take two knitting projects out to the bar with you? Yes. But I might do it anyhow.

It's also Matt's birthday and we love him. Happy birthday sweetie -- you get the boobie prize this year. Heh. I slay me.

OK, now to hopefully find my little slutty green tank top ...

Party naked! Wheeeeeeeee!
Wear a dress and lipstick. Don't go whole hawg. After a few beers no one cares anyway.
Show 'em some cleavage and no one will notice anything else. Or go with Mel's suggestion. Either works.
I wear a dress and no makeup all the time. I have also gone *completely* nuckin futz and gone without nylons as well (which my mother impressed upon me was a venial sin at the very least).

Or, you could party nekkid. That'd be fun, too. :)
I nearly always take more than one project to my knitting group. The lace I'm doing requires concentration, and I can't always do that and chat.

Anyways I have a low attention span, as evidenced by the growing list of UFOs on my side bar!
well sure you can wear a dress and not wear makeup! BunnieGirl, you can do whatever you want...(just keep in mind some thing will get you booted to the big time out place).
I have a pair of blue cowboy boots but oh dude, what I'd give for some red boots.
hope you had a great time.
Dammit, now you have me missing cowboy boots! Only I never had a going out pair; mine were for riding and working on our leetle farm. ;) Still. There's something about cowboy boots...

You're supposed to wear makeup every time you wear a dress? When did they pass that rule? And since when do bunnies follow rules, anyway? [g]
I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who has the same problem dressing for going out!

Wear the dress and lipstick - screw the rest.
Why do you have to wear makeup? I haven't worn makeup in about 20 years, even when I've worn a dress, and they haven't arrested me.
I bring my knitting to the bar all the time! Usually about 5 projects. LOL I hope you went for it!!
So since when is there a rule about how many projects you can have in a knitting bag?! I always feel I need at least two, three is even better! Cause Murphy's law is that if I bring only one project, something renders it unworkable! Then I have NOTHING!! oh the horror!
Hope you had a GREAT TIME!!

(charlizeen yahoo
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