Saturday, June 16, 2007


Taking A Bite from the Sandwich of Reality

I was talking online to a friend tonight and she asked me how my car was doing. I responded with:

"Apart from the fucked-up electrical system, the mold on the seat, the destroyed upholstery, the no headlights, no brakes and cracked oil pan (and a tire with a huge-assed screw through it) the van's doing fine."

Um. I think it's time to consider a new vehicle, no?

This week has been a Series of Unfortunate Events. Nothing big, just endless little annoyances. My regular Friday morning relief was on vacation and the person filling in for her was late. Only about 10 minutes, but my regular person is usually 15 minutes early ... so I'm usually home by about the time that I actually got on the road Friday.

It wasn't her fault, there was a "police incident" which delayed her for about 20 minutes. (She wasn't just shining me on, it was all over the news on the way home, so she's forgiven.) I managed to grab maybe an hour of sleep before taking my kid in to school, instead of my usual two hours.

And then Ben's final paycheque from the last job was, according to his supervisor, supposed to be at the worksite on Thursday night. The worksite which is five minutes' drive from my house. We called on Thursday night and it hadn't arrived, so I called Friday and the supervisor gave me the name of the guy to call at head office. Well, apparently all final cheques are issued from head office as the employees have to turn in their uniforms before picking them up. So I went downtown and got it, but that took me about two and a half hours round trip (what's with all of this traffic? I'm used to working nights when there's nobody at all on the road.) For a few minutes they weren't going to give it to me, as Ben hadn't authorized it, but they made a few phone calls and it was all sorted out, which is good 'cause I can't contact him at the new job and I sure as hell wasn't leaving without it.

But that was my Friday morning sleep time gone completely.

I had received a call earlier in the week asking if I could go meet my woodworker at noon on Friday and I hesitated, but then said yes. My parents had said they could pick E up at school so I could sleep in the afternoon. I got there, he gave me two magnificent niddy-noddies in solid walnut, and then my parents found out that the "minor repair" to their car was actually major, and they wouldn't be able to get the car back until Monday at the soonest. And oh yes, it was going to cost them $1000.

So without a car -- you can see it coming, can't you? -- there was my Friday afternoon sleep time gone also.

I took E home and did the "bad mommy" thing of putting on the Electronic Babysitter (read: TV) and catching a couple of hours of sleep. Ben came home and took her out to eat and I muscled through my shift on Friday night. I got at least four hours of sleep so it wasn't bad.

So today I leapt out of bed, marginally refreshed, and did the "run around and get food in the house" thingie. Just before I did that, I posted pictures in my shop of the orange wool featured in yesterday's tasteful bathroom portrait.

And then I went out. Leaving the camera on.

The battery is now dead, the charger is at the house of the person who owns the camera, and there will be no more pictures of wool happening this weekend. She needs her camera back tomorrow, so I'm thinking it'll be mid-week before I get another update done (including the niddy-noddies which shall also be for sale).

All I can say is fuck me gently sideways. With a chainsaw.

addendum: My beloved Wenchlette is on line and tells me that there is a second battery in the camera. All is not lost! There will be further updates tomorrow, as well as more of some stuff that sold out.

praise the FSM

Oh poor Rabbitch!

Love the bathroom wool. It adds a ne sais quoi.
Sounds like a lovely weekend. Wish I was there or maybe not. I sure don't miss night shift. Although I do the bad mommy thing every morning until the coffee kicks in.
Only you could make a bunch of shit sound so funny. I hope the goddess of good things shines on you...quickly. You epitomize the concept of Murphy's Law...I do hope it gets better...soon. In the meantime, my thoughts are with you.
Holy shit. Maybe all your car luck went into the wool biz? (But wait, there's that camera thing... and the late co-worker thing... and-- fuck it.) Whatever, I sure hope things straighten out soon! Cars are just a friggin' PITA. Good luck, good luck, and more good luck, for everything!

Or lots and lots of wine, coffee and chocolate. If you can't be lucky, at least you can be drunk, hyper and enjoying a mouth orgasm. [g]
Nope, it's Mercury. Damn planet went retrograde on Friday, causing all sorts of techical and communication-oriented difficulties. That's what's happening. But cheer up. It goes direct. In three weeks. ;-)
Sounds like life as usual around your place?

Damn I wish I had know about the niddy noddies a few days ago. I JUST ordered one and would rather have purchased from you. Why don't you just go ahead and rub salt in my wounds by telling me yours are capable of making 72" (or longer) skeins?
Just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoy reading your Blog!
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