Friday, June 01, 2007


Quick Update

Hey there, I haven't forgotten about this-here blog, but it's been a busy week Chez Lapin.

The store's going well, and I'm anxiously awaiting a couple of large shipments of undyed yarn so that I can stock up again. Alas, none of it arrived today so I'm going to maybe have to spend the weekend enjoying my family instead. What horrors!

Actually we're nowhere near running out of wool so there will be some dyeing as well, but there shall also be much running about in the sun and enjoying ourselves.

And maybe if I find the pictures from last week's foray to the farm I'll show you some sheep being sheared. Because, like, I know nobody here knows what a sheep looks like.

And now off to work to knit some little tiny wristers that one of Jodi's pictures inspired Her Majesty to demand that I create.

I think they'll likely look like tubes. With a buttonhole for her thumb.

(are you sensing a trend here?)

Well, at least you'd be knitting. That's more than I can say for myself.

I thought of your boob-morphing event (ROFL by the way) today when I was trying on a bathing suit top. I don't know what it was, but it made my modest little 'ol 34B girls look simply massive -- like triple their usual size. I had to call H in for a second opinion, and I think I traumatized her. She forbade me to buy it. It was a bit disturbing, I have to say.
Not to push you somewhere, but I've played the violin since I was 6, and I've loved it ever since. I had to beg my mom for 2 years after I saw Pearlman play on Sesame Street, but after I started, I loved it. It was the first identity I had: a violinist. Even now, as I work in science and medicine, I still love my violin and play all the time, even with informal groups. I don't know if they have it where you are, but Suzuki is a great program for kids. Just a thought.

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