Saturday, June 30, 2007



Quick note, as I'm sort of trying to get some sleep (but my kid woke up early, bleah!)

If anyone is interested in the wool I posted yesterday, it's in my store. I was going to email you Debidee, but I couldn't find an address.

And now to try to lie on my head for a while and try to ignore the TV.

oh god that was whining again, wasn't it?

It's only whining if you're living as a spoiled rotten princess brat.
Whining? What whining? I didn't hear any whining.
Happy Canada Day! I hope you got some sleep since all that banging and popping will make it hard to hit the sack early tonight.

I say the heck with the yard. You're trying to be eco-friendly. So go have a nice long nap.
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