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Our Excellent Adventure

Quick post, picture heavy.

Dyeing wool, very tired, apparently unable to form complete sentence.


Wenchlette and Mrs. Q and Mrs. Q's friend J and J's friend A picked me up at oh-dark-thirty. Unfortunately I had gone to bed only two and a half hours before I got up. I don't think I was particularly charming. They brought coffee, bless them.

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Here we are on the ferry. Wenchlette and I have apparently decided to use our knees as swifts. I look like some sort of demented praying mantis. See? I told you the pictures were sexy. I think I'll try to sit like that whenever possible in the future.

(And see those socks? Handmade for me by Emma. You may now start envying me. I'll wait 'til you're done.)

Once we got to the hostile (it wasn't actually hostile at all, they were very nice, it just amuses me to call it that. As you likely suspected, I am only 12 years old) I discovered just how rough "roughing it" was. I had to make my own bed. My bunk bed, in a room with a bunch of other people.

Disapproving Rabbit
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There are very few things more disapproving than a Disapproving Rabbit. Paris Hilton ain't got nothin' on me.

We went for lunch (of which I disapproved) at an Irish Pub (of which I approved). There was coffee involved. I rapidly became less disapproving.

Off To See The Harlot
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It's hard to disapprove when you're the filling in a knitblogger sandwich. I find it amusing that although I've lost weight and half of my ass has disappeared, I still have several chins, all of which are shiny.

Not Drunk
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This is quite possibly the worst picture ever taken of me. And yet ... I approve. (I would like to note, here, that I was not drunk. And I approve most heartily of this yarn. I have no idea what I thought I was doing at this point. There's a good chance I was trying to be funny. Did it work?)

And then ... the main event! I have no pictures of Herself speaking, in fact I didn't take any pictures at all except for one of the sideways elevator button, a much better photo of which appears on Mrs. Quimby's blog.

The Harlot Disapproves
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As you can see, I'm not the only one who was doing the disapproving. I think maybe the seventeen different colours being worn all at once was a bit much for her.

Also apparently I am tall.

Saint Rabbitch
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Now that's more like it!

She worships me. Don't let her tell you otherwise.

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I'm pretty sure the yarn insulted her. Either that or she thought that maybe I gave her a sack of goat barf or something.

It wasn't goat barf. Hell, it wasn't even goat.

Oh, It's Yarn
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Once she realized it was yarn, things took a decided turn for the better. She really is a harlot for yarn. (Hence the name, and stuff. Aren't you glad I helped you figure that one out? You're very welcome)

There was much merriment after this when 20 or 30 knitters descended on an unsuspecting pub (which seemed to think that knitters don't drink. We soon set them straight and I'm pretty sure there are pictures out there somewhere of Wenchlette drinking an entire pitcher of Bellinis through a straw. Who needs a glass?

I don't have any pictures of the revelries but I think there may be a few out there, judging from the number of flashes that were going off.

I'm not sure if the highlight of that part of the evening was watching a partially-inebriated man at the next table learn how to knit, or listening to Stephanie explain, in a broad Newfoundlander accent, how all men from Newfoundland are named Joe, and that it's a miracle any children there at all survive past the age of three (there was talk of jumping about on melting ice and winds strong enough to throw cars into the bay).

The three of us then retreated to the hostel and after a brief foray into the streets of Victoria in search of a bag of mixed nuts during which we got to watch a garbage can set on fire by a bunch of yahoos (and then on the return trip we got to watch a fire truck and a bunch of firemen with hoses extinguish the blaze) we had a pretty good night's sleep. I'm not used to sleeping with a bunch of strangers (well at least not all at once) so I sat up and read for a couple of hours but I still got five hours' sleep or a little more.

The next morning, Wenchlette had to be on the very early ferry so she could get to work on time, poor thing. Several hours after she left, I hauled my ass out of the surprisingly-comfortable bed and Mrs. Q and I went in search of a place of worship, it being Sunday and all.

We found one without a lot of difficulty. I think it was called Serious Coffee and they did not lie.

Correct Size Coffee Mug
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They understand very well that a "large" coffee should be just that. Large. Very.

Also very hot and fresh and good. It was some sort of medium roast organic fair-trade sort of coffee, so not only was I wide awake by the end of this mug, I was also virtuous. I think maybe I saved a whale, too.

I have no idea why my face looks like it was put together from a kit whose instructions only came in Latvian. I'm pretty sure whoever put it together had a couple of pieces left over.

We then met up with our other two traveling companions and had a great big fried breakfast which included large amounts of swineflesh. Oh the bacon, it is my friend. I had five pieces, each one of which was better than the last.

The weather was vile, just bucketing down with rain, so we skipped going to the fibre fest and just headed to the ferry.

By the time we got to the ferry the weather had turned and it was gorgeous. We got a huge bag of mini-donuts (food seems to feature quite prominently in this post, no?) and set sail for the mainland.

The Sailing Sock
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The sock enjoyed the trip, too.

Please note that during the time I knit this couple of inches of gorgeous sock (yarn is the Lucia sockweight from Posh Yarn -- merino and cashmere -- in the "Feather" colourway), Wenchlette completed almost a whole sock. She's a knitting fiend!

And that, my friends, is that. What a fantastic weekend. I need to desert my family more often.

Although next time if I returned to maybe one clean dish or one dry towel in the house, that would work out a bit better for me.

And now, back to dyeing wool. Look for a shop update tomorrow.

You may not find one, but look for it anyhow. You never know your luck.

my FSM, we had such a good time.
Nice shot of your hooters. (thanks)
I approve of the 'do - short, sensible, and dare I say, sassy.

I work with a Newfoundlander named Doug. How'd that happen?
I must profess my undying love for you. You made my day once again with your lovely post, and knockers.
It is entirely unfair that Canada is so freaking wide.

I think we should do something about that. Though I'm not exactly sure that Saskatchewan would be up for the shrinkage plan.

So, barring that, if you don't come to Rhinebeck, I shall weep and felt my entire stash.

Also, nice rack, dude.
Hide a clean dish and a dry towel someplace your family will never look , so you will be prepared when you return.
Oops, I forgot the obligatory rack praise. I shall rectify:

"Nice nips."
i need me a knitterly road trip one of these-here days -- lots more fun than doing what i get paid for.

seeing your coffee mug reminded me of my new fave, found in a thrift shop. it's an oversize pottery mug bearing the greeting card/cartoon character maxine saying, "sure, i'd drink flavored tea, if the flavor was very strong coffee."

my kinda gal. uppity.

ellen in indy
A knitblogger sandwich...gigglesnort!
Dude, awesome post. I love the nips, love the many faces of a bunny, love the drinking and love the knitting.

Love you too! Hee hee. Glad you had a blast, it was a well deserved respite.
Tits Ahoy! And imagine YOU having fun. What is the world coming to?
I think this may be your funniest post yet...loved it!
I really thought the photo on the ship said "my sailing rack".. apparently I was distracted by the Bunnie-boobage in the photo.
Glad you could clear up how the Harlot got her name. I think the Mr. might have a Joe in his name somewhere and he did jump on an iceberg and also he nearly got thrown off the road in Wreckhouse, NL while driving through in a semi just as a nasty gust of wind came howling through. Fortunately the semi was carrying a load of metal and was heavy enough to just barely stay on the road.

Love how eloquently you describe all the fun and games of your trip with just your face alone.
Totally great post. (Also Ms. Q's; thanks for linking her so we wouldn't miss.) And let me note that you guys are all corrupting me; one of the first things I noticed was rackage, LOL.

Loved the Harlot pix! And your expression at the Holy Place of Caffeine... Are you sure there isn't 'ludes instead of caffeine in that stuff?? You sorta remind me of me after excess Cola Loka hits me same time as my Xanax kicks in. Or - ok, ok - any time I'm trying to wake up, actually. ;)

Lots of goodness, thanks for reportage!
Waah! Waah! My yarn has been within sniffing distance of the Harlot. I'm so jealous!!!
You think that's a large cup of coffee? I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning. And that's a pot of coffee. And it's a 12 cup coffee pot. Now that's a cup of coffee.
Ooooh... I am so jealous. Of everything. Coffee. harlot. Wow.
Damn, it looks like you all had a fine time (despite all the craptastic rain). Heh, Saint Rabbitch
depending on what the goat has eaten recently, I think a goat barf colourway could really work. My dog eats crayons and that makes his 'yard deposits' quite a more artful presentation than just regular ole dog poop.

this is me - green with envy - not seasick.
Thanks much for the great chortlefest. Not only seeing the Harlot but drinking with her. Dang.

I won't be so low as to comment on the bumper bullets, festively decked though they are.
It's a good thing I'm the only one in the office right now; I've been laughing right out loud through this entire post. Had anyone been here, they'd have thought I'd gone mad 'cuz there aint nothing funny about assessing taxes (well, not to most people anyway).
Loving the new hair! The hooters...are they new too? I don't remember them being so rackish! Rawr!
Love the coffee - Large & Hot! Most excellent! No day can begin correctly without coffee. Sounds like your adventures were great fun. The Harlot was up here in Anchorage last night - great fun had by all. Fun blog!
Its like your head shrunk
your boobs got bigger

or something...

Look at you! Haven't "seen" you in awhile and, babe, gettin' fit suits you. You're inspiring me to get off my lazy ass while there's still time to get laid before I die (I'm not really that turned on by guys with fat fetishes).

Did I just say that out loud?

heh heh

(new blog, same old green eyes)
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