Friday, June 22, 2007


Ooh, Lookie Here

I'm all pissed-off and ranty, however I also happen to be all out of time and have a bunch of stuff in the dyepots, so for today I give you ...

Exciting new products you may wish to obtain for your very own! (Because who doesn't need a little instant cock in their lives?)

Tune in tomorrow for "I'm OK, You're OK Too, But Only If You Conform", or "Why I Love The Public School System"

Heh heh heh! My husband is out of town, and I could totally use some instant cock! Bwahahahaha!!
So there's Cock-flavored soup in Atlanta, but Canada has Homo milk. I'm torn.
I'm still giggling. Cock soup! snort! I may need coffee to kick start the brain.
*snicker* Thanks for sharing.
First the Jamaicans give us "jerk chicken", and now this. What's next, porcupine balls? Oh...wait.
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