Saturday, June 09, 2007


On The Road Again

What do you get when you take one one talented, somewhat manic, exhausted but still amusing knitterwriter, add one fibre festival, one knitblogger, another knitblogger and one borderline-insane small rabbit?

Why, you get a road trip, of course.

Wenchlette and Mrs. Q and I and Mrs. Q's friend J are going to load our sorry asses (well, mine's sorry due to the fact that rather than going to bed I decided to stay up and dye wool) into J's station wagon later this morning and hit the road to see Her Harlotness pontificate in the lovely city of Victoria, BC.

Due to a number of circumstances -- not the least of which is the fact that my ISP has seen fit to lose much of my email over the last year -- I am showing up, dressed like a colour-blind geriatric whore, just hoping I can find a bed in a hostel to sleep in. Otherwise if you see someone who looks a lot like me, sitting in Denny's in Victoria at 4am, muttering imprecations and trying yet again to knit a toe-up sock, well, it probably IS me.

What fun.

I shall try to blog about the entire silly scenario tomorrow night when I return. That is unless my head's blown up or I've been arrested or something.

In the meantime, give yourselves a pat on the back! Dorothy has reached, and surpassed, her goal of raising $2,000 for cancer research. Unfortunately she didn't reach $5,000, which is the point at which Mr. Dorothy said he would pose apologetically in her wedding dress, but it was still a damned fine effort.

As a lovely man I once worked with used to say, gudunya.

And now I'm going to go mix up some more dye, seeing I've decided to do some two-coloured thingie that will either be lovely or total ass, and then get some wool dyed and oh yes, maybe pack.

Thank the FSM I travel light.

Well, forgetful me!

That explains why there was nothing in my e-box this a.m.

Have a wonderful trip!

Take pix!
Wheee! I can't believe I'm up at this hour...then again, it IS the Harlot! See you in a few!

Is it strange that I've been referring to the ferry ride as a "knitting cruise"?
I didn't know that was just one word! Thanks!
Have fun! I'm so bummed that I can't make it!
Have a great trip! Make someone else drive, while you sleep. Then you can still knit at 4:00 a.m. at Denny's =)
Stay awake during the important parts, and enjoy! She was fantastic down here in Portland last night; we all had a blast.

And for god's sake, take the espresso beans away from her when she's supposed to slow down, and get the poor woman some beer, 'kay? And maybe some throat lozenges...
I hope you guys have a blast!!! I'm jealous that you're going to see the Harlot.

I finally posted on my blog about the Barbie yarn I got from you. I love it. Go see!

I for one am jealous...
It was nice meeting you, even for just a short time at the pub and at the ferry today.

I so enjoy reading your witty blog. I was going to say have a good trip, but your next blog says you are back already and that your stayed in a "hostile" I'm fully aware that hotels/motels/hostels can sometimes be somewhat less that good, but I'm sorry to hear that yours was THAT bad. lol
Your dear friend sounds like he may be an Aussie...........goodonya is definitely an aussie saying along with avagoodweekend, geditintoya etc. The Aussies tend to run their words together quite a bit.
Anyway, goodonyamate for a great blog.
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