Saturday, June 23, 2007


oh hai, i has a LOL 4 u

No, I haven't lost my mind, I'm just all educated and stuff now.

No really, go look. It is to snort at.

Rant later. Maybe. I'm feeling mellow today but that could change without notice.

K, BAI. (Always wanted to type that.)
hee hee hee!
there, i left my edjimacated entry under your comment.
The erudition of that site was well beyond me. I am extremely impressed with your post. And I got to see a couple more lolcats, always a good thing. thx
o hai -- i haz buztid a gutt laffin! i don't gotz enuf academik cred (like street cred but w/50 more iq points) 2 takkel this lolcatz matter.

tnk u

ellen in indy
I is beginur anz no catademic, but I nRly dide at UR Ntree. Hee!
Great. Wonderful. First you get me hooked on Icanhascheezburgr and now there's going to be a series of academic treatises I'm going to have to read just to keep up.

Ur a bg halp!
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