Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Not To Save My Life

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I cannot take a good picture of my wool to save my life.

I can, however, take pictures of my sock. That'll have to do for today.

And now I'm off to work.

Pretty sock!

Is that some of your own yarn, perchance?
And a nice sock it is! BTW, you make a great "Hat Lady" ;)
I feel your pain. Colors are hard to translate into photos, and I am not knowledgeable enough about photography either. Natural light but not too bright, that's my motto.

Nice sock.
I'd blame the camera - it certainly can't be the photographer's fault.
That's one sexy sock!
Ma'am..even tho' i recognized you and sat 2 rows behind you at the Harlotness i ended up not actually talking to you! were busy with Marilyn and then somehow i figured we'd see you the next day.
In any case, glad to see the hostel worked out ok but next time hopefully emails won't get crossed ( thanks shaw! ) and you can stay with us.... If you aren't afraid of Kent that is lol ..he really is NOT a biker :P
I beg to differ. Yesterday's yarn porn was very compelling.

I, however, suck at yarn photos. Not that I let it stop me. (Am compiling a stash record on Flickr and it gives me SUCH pleasure.)

Very nice sock. Still getting used to the idea of you, knitting. Will we knit Eris together some day?
Well, I think the sock looks lovely.

How adjustable is your camera? If the answer is somewhat or very, my quick advice is:

- natural, bright, but indirect light (overcast days are perfect for colors to pop)

- use the close-up setting on your camera if there is one - the symbol is often a little tulip or flower

- avoid flash

- shallow depth of field (large aperture setting) helps blur background details and makes the thing look all arty.

Also, ignore all of the above if it sounds pompous except the bit about the lovely sock.

Cute picture of you on the Harlot's blog!
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