Tuesday, June 12, 2007


No Store Update

No Mean Feets
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Exciting day -- Mr. Bunnie starts work tomorrow. Life is looking a little more cheerful around here. He'll be on his feet all day and there will certainly be whining involved, however I can stand a little whining if it's accompanied by a paycheck. Especially if the whining isn't coming from me.

I've been busy all day. It is now 8:35pm and I've just realized that a) I remain unwashed, b) although I have been out of bed for many hours, I seem to have bedhead and likely could use a shower for that aspect of my grooming alone and c) I have to leave for work at 8:30.

So there will be no store update today.

I have spent much of the day fiddling with skeins and wools and have borrowed a "real" camera for a day or two so that my photos don't look quite as assful. See? This actually looks like wool!

I'm going to mess with the settings and stuff a bit more tomorrow and then post what I've got done. Look for such exciting new products as "Coffee Bean", "Shut Up, Parrot", and "Black Orchid Revisited".

Unless I change the names overnight.

And if it's dry there may be some Camel Douche, but I'm going to try to think of a better name 'cause it's actually sort of nice and I'd like it to sell.

Rushing off to the shower now, and then out to make the world safe for democracy. Or maybe to knit on my sock and eat carrots all night. That might happen, too.

Oh keep the awful names, I like them!
i work with a friend who handpaints sockyarn, and half the reason why ehr stuff sells is because of goofy odd names. go with it!
I third that (Still wanting a skein of Koala Twat)
I totally want a skein of Shut Up Parrot!
As a former Amazon Parrot owner I totally need some Shut UP, Parrot!
Gotta have it. Gotta have it.
Yah, hope you're making a whole bunch of Shut Up Parrot, because I need some too.
Dear FSM, these are the best yarn names I've ever seen in my life.
I read the last colorway as "Carmel Douche" which of course begs the question - "Who wants pudding!"
Please, don't go all nicy-prissy on your name choices. Love your names. One of these days I'll have yarn money again and I'll prove it!
Congralations on the new job for Mr. Bunnie! I hope it workes out.
And the wool does look gorgeous, but your wool always does.
Hi, I'm I'm over here because I heard you on the, Christa knits, podcast. It was a very entertaining listen. Your blog is not bad either :)
What, no tits on this post? Dammit!

(I am laughing laughing laughing to be the owner of a LOT of Black Orchid. HA!)
I agree! The names are part of your panache (is that the right word?). Rabbitch is not going to produce Precious Pink or Petal Violet. Rabbitch will produce Frog Vomit or Ultra Violent. I love Camel Douche and Koala Twat. Any chance you might offer up Damn Cat in the near future?
I'm dyeing to name a colorway "Roadkill." Dibs! You keep your sticky dye-stained fingers offen that'un.

The weekend looked like a load of hysterical fun. Photos rarely flatter me, so I got to laugh at you for a change. Did you get your hair cut??

Great news about Mr Bun - now you can hide away your axe for a while longer.

Oh fuck! I'm never gonna get through this word verif.
Glad Mr. Bun finally got a job. That makes things much less underfoot.

How's the carrots? Mine are tasty and crunchy.
happy for all in your hutch. many jobs suck, but not having one often sucks worse.

and i nearly fell outta my chair over, first, camel douche and then carmel douche, becuz the hoity-toity hot-$#!+ suburb just north of here is carmel -- pronounced CARmel but satirized by us peons as carMEL-by-the-cornfields.

i herewith contribute the name ghost barf for some pale yarn in gently-used-cat-food tones. (our ghost, a beautiful long-haired white cat, went feral awhile back because he didn't like living with an overenthusiastic dog. but ghost comes back to dine in solitary splendor on the front porch, usually about 3 a.m., and sometimes leaves a little pile of used food behind. not to worry -- the birds eat it the next day.

and if you don't want to poach jayne's "roadkill," i suggest "roadkill raccoon," in memory of the stripe-tailed critter my son roasted shortly after seeing its demise near his campsite. he swears it was yummy . . .

ellen in indy
well, i'm not a knitter (gasp shock horror) but frankly, i'd buy a skein or two of camel douche for the name alone, so my vote is, don't change it.
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