Tuesday, June 05, 2007


A Brief Instructional Post

In case you were wondering ...

This is the niddy end.

And this is the noddy end.

Any questions?

Handmade. Beautifully finished. Originally intended for my store but uh ... maybe not. my precioussssss

Check in a month or so when my Friendly Neighbourhood Woodworker has had a chance to make some more.

Wow, thanks! I'd always wondered about that ...
ooh, vehry nice.
I've been lusting after one of those for a while but couldn't much ever justify it. hmmmmmm
Ohhhhmuhgawwwd! I've been niddying the noddy end and noddying the niddy end of mine. I'm SO embarrassed!
Now I know why mine gives me nothing but trouble... I had it backwards!
You know Rabbitch, you are the only person I know who could possibly make a niddy noddy sound so......sexual. Thanks for clearing all that up though.

And gee, keeping the goods for yourself? Sounds so bloody good!
the "niddy" end and the "noddy" end of ....what, exactly.
('Cause some of your faithful readers aren't wooly knittin' types. You care about us too, right?)
Those of us po' folk who use chairs need tutorials like this. Thanks.
Niddy noddy what now? 'Cause I never saw one of those before, and it scares me, a little.
You have to keep it and test drive it. Otherwise, folks could buy it and possibly injure themselves in a niddy noddy accident. (having visions of "Apalachian ER" from SNL)
This may amaze you but, while I have been told I need one of these things, I'd love to see one demonstrated being used. Could you do a couple of pictures, puh-leeze? I'd love to stop the way I'm winding my wool now, off the end of the table, and use this useful but not intuitive thingy...
How do I tell the niddy from the noddy? I would label each end but they both start with N... ;-)
(I am enjoying your blog. You have a wicked sense of humour)
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