Friday, June 15, 2007


The View in the Loo

This is what I've been doing the last couple of days.

They should be dry and posted this weekend. They're almost dry now (in fact some are) but I've had exactly one hour of sleep in the last 24 and that somehow doesn't seem like enough, so I'm going to get my kid from school and then crash so I don't kill anyone at work tonight. They frown on that sort of thingie.

I do believe I like living in a Wool House.

And who needs to take showers anyhow?

Lovely yarn! Yes, who needs a shower anyways.
Oooooooh! I'd go without showers for that. (Not sure my family would like that, BUT WHO ASKED THEM?!)
oh...those are some kind of purty colors. must resist call of yarn...need money for rent...
showering and sleeping are over-rated!
Oooooooh, purty! Resisting. Womanfully resisting. Esp. since I have several skeins of white sock yarn, dye, dyeing equipment of my own, and I've spent enough this month already, while I still have yet to get groceries. Reely.

But you're making it awfully damned hard with that dark purple and blue and turquoise and yellow and green and god knows what else skein in the middle, there. Argh!
And the Mr. thought we were the only one's whose bathroom occasionally looks like the day after a sheep kegger.
Awesome! Looks very pretty... sanity is overrated, but it seems the powers that be do indeed look down upon the attacking of people...Damn!
Haha - now that is a familiar sight! I dry all my dyed yarn in the shower - not sure where else to go with it, and catching drips is what the shower is for, right?
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