Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's All How You Look At It, Really

My husband keeps complaining that my writing is hard to read. I keep telling him that my writing is lovely -- a work of art in fact -- and that he's clearly some sort of Philistine.

And then tonight I was dyeing wool and I looked at my notes and couldn't quite figure out why I needed 3/4 of a cup of bacon in the dyepot.

Bacon ... brown ... it's all the same, really.


Does the brown, perchance, smell like bacon? Or maybe vice versa?
That made me laugh out loud! Hehehehe....
Lord woman, you are a hoot!!
Maybe you have to EAT 3/4 of a cup of bacon?

I dunno. I usually have someone else write my shit down because I have the same problem.

And...when are you coming back down to Seattle? :)
I don't know why I understand your thought process and I am really afraid of that so - here's my guess - bacon/brown/warm toasty stuff that smells is all the same. Clearly, you are devising some brilliant ancient dyer's shorthand - or something.
Dude, it was clearly a brown that had that marbly, reddish, bacon tint, so you were being artistic.
I dunno, I personally think bacon improves everything. So go ahead -add it to the dyepot. I think bacon-scented yarn could be a hit.
Rabbitch's special BLT sock yarn! I hear that the bacon grease will soften hands while knitting and feet while wearing.. though they're more for wear in the winter. No one wants rancid bacon socks.

Sounds like my scribbling. I should've been a doctor too. It's a sign of intelligence don't you know. We're so smart, our hands can't keep up to us.
The bacon fat in the dye is to augment the lanolin, isn't it?

I need to have my boss read his notes to me on occasion...
Bacon is brown--what's the problem?

Mmm, bacon-smelling wool...
*sigh* Now I want bacon...
Yeah, what Zardra said. It's all your fault I'm gonna add bacon and tomatoes to my shopping list for tomorrow. I'm just so bummed about that. Screw the cholesterol, it's been a whole year since BLTs!

Writing? Isn't that the thing we all did before email? It's been so long since I've written much of anything I have to concentrate to remember how to write my blasted signature. Sometimes I wonder if my bank eyes my rent check suspiciously 'cause of the wobbly penmanship. (The rent's about the only thing I don't pay online any more...)
I'm not you.

You're me.


(I'm still laughing. I'm going to be laughing for a long, long time and nobody is going to get it when I snort out, "Bacon! Brown! SAME THING!")
I read this the other day, and laughed, but really, whatever you were dyeing with it, really needs to be named "Atkins" or "Dixieland" (cuz everything has bacon grease in Dixie) or something else bacon like....

"Wouldn't it be swine..."
"Swine and Dandy"
"Bacon Bits"

That would be the breakfast wool, right?
'Thus is inspiration born. You clearly need to develop a variegated yard with the colors of a slab of smoke-cured sidemeat, and possibly some green and red thrown in, so it does, in fact, bring to mind a BLT sandwich.
I have a bad cold and cough at the moment and laughing aloud at your post really had me coughing, but what fun. hehe.
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