Saturday, June 02, 2007


I Got The Music in Me

Great, Blogger ate my post, how nice. I shall try to reconstruct it.

Anyhow, today was such a day. I mean such a day.

My kidlet and I went to a fundraiser for the North Shore Celtic Ensemble. We were there from about 2pm to 7pm and I have NEVER had a less whiney time with the kid.

We arrived at 2:02pm and the Irish Dancers were already on. She stared at them like someone in the desert looks at a water cooler. Then the fiddlers came on and she was mesmerized. She's been asking me for a violin for three years now so I guess she means it. Those kids (ages five to about 15) were rocking the house.

And then there were more dancers, and then more and more and more fiddlers (there had to be about 40 of them at one point) and then singers and dancers and well ... you get the idea.

It made me remember why I used to dance.

I actually got up on the floor at one point. Most of you likely don't know that I used to dance competitively, I was a Scottish Country Dancer (and won two trophies in the dark and distant past) and I was also on a show team and we danced our little toes off in many locations, including hospitals and half-way houses and the like. I haven't danced in 20 years and swore I never would again, but I got up today on the floor and danced with my kid.

For nobody but her would I have done that. And I sucked, seeing I've never done Irish Dancing before in my life, but we had a hoot.

And there's a damned good chance that I may do it again.

Man, that felt good, and my feet remembered where to go. Well, not in the middle part where they got all Irish and I discovered I had three feet too few, but the rest of the time. Yes.

Anyone have any idea why I have been denying myself this for so long? I feel like getting on my shoes and dancing for six hours without sitting down, like I used to.

Well no, my knees wouldn't let me do that, but two hours maybe.

Dude, it's good to have kids to remind you how good it feels to just ... dance like a motherfucker.

I'm gonna do that again.

Yep, bless those babies...
What a great time for you and your kid! I think we all have our own weird reasons for stopping the things that we know nourish our soul in a special way - duty, responsibilities, age, "maturity" ... I am so glad for you that your daughter has helped you reawaken such an important part of you. I wish you success in finding a group to join - be sure to go slowly not to hurt yourself - age does have to come into the mix somehow. Now I think I will go find myself a choral group of some kind - and maybe take guitar lessons. Congratulations on rediscovering such an important part of you!
Dance like nobody's watching!
I was a classical ballerina in my profligate youth (MANY years ago) and I know exactly what you mean. I've been doing ballet barre exercises in water lately, because 45 years behind a desk didn't exactly strengthen me -- but OH it feels good to extend that arabesque! Hopefully I'll get to where I can do it on dry land again. Isn't it great??? (oh..frequent reader, 1st-time commenter though)
I am here to plant the evil seed - Rabbitch, Bellydance!
I have two lead feet syndrome. I try just for Girly though.
I wore glitter today and made a DVD of our performance.

Dude, anything can happen. Dance your heart out, girl.

(and you would have been freaking ashamed of what passed for Irish dancing in our show this year. We were. Because we know what it really looks like, and it does require five feet.)

Get back into it, dude. I can't say enough for the power of dance. Also, it doesn't hurt that really young men do it. Ahem. We shall not speak of this again, except for to say that a twenty-four year old man telling me I look twenty-eight has fucking made my year.
Get that girl a violin! You won't regret it. (Well, at least after the first screeching year, you won't!)
Rabbitch - I bet you looked awesome!
Good for you!! My dad loved dancing when he was a younger man, until someone at a club in NYC made fun of him for dancing like a white boy. He never danced again, despite my mother's accusations of him baiting and switching (he was taking a modern dance class when they met). And then suddenly, two years ago, he signed them up for ballroom classes as an anniversary gift to my mom. And now they are both addicted. So the short answer is no, I don't know why you've been denying your dancing self for so long, but I am happy that you found it again!
well cross some swords and do that hand over your head thing.
I especially liked the socks.
Sounds like great fun. I used to dance a lot, never competitively but when I can get back, even for a moment, into my body in that way...Wow.

Get kidlet the violin.
(I'm catching up,just read the rest of May. sigh. Life, you know.)
All that and 5 whole hours of sleep too?! You're going spoiled brat on us!
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