Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Went to Victoria, played sardines in a car with two good friends, stayed in a hostile, saw The Harlot, drank beer, fondled fibre, knat, and made it back home in one piece.

I have one hell of a lot of work to get done in the next few days (shop update on Tuesday, FSM willin' and the creek don't rise) but I have some incredibly sexy pictures of me looking like I've been hit by a truck (I am not photogenic) and I'll share them and more of the story with you tomorrow if I can. Let's just say the entire time was fantastic (apart from the drunken rowdies and the fire in the garbage can) and I got a few inches of a gorgeous sock done.

In the meantime, go look at Mrs. Quimby's blog for a somewhat more satisfying update.

Can't wait to hear and see it all from your view....although I will say Mrs. Quimby had some pretty sexy photos of you!
I actually think you look pretty damn fine in that pic of you in the blue anorak. So there. Sounds like it was an absolute blast (and a much needed escape)!
How is a fire in a garbage can not fun? :)

Sounds like you ladies had a blast! I have got to find some real-life knitting buddies.
It was fun being a sardine with you & the Wench! You, of course, were the saltiest one in the tin.

(I'd forgotten about the fire in the garbage can...oy!)
On the run, so can't go look but so JEALOUS that you saw the Harlot and the name Quimby makes me so happy and reminds me of Beverly Cleary books
dammit. once again I am the only knitter on the west coast to not be in attendance at a harloteering event. crap. this whole getting my life together thing is really getting in the way ;-) oh, and the cute short haircut is HOT!
I like stories that end in fire. Did the fire come before or after the cowgirl on a stick? Did you still have beer to put it out?

And what about the yarn?

I'll stay tuned for the next installment.
Welcome back! Aren't Harlotty events fun? I just got back last night from her Petaluma gig. Which I guess means I drive a lot slower than I ought to.... Hmm.... Can't wait to get the update on the road trip :)
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