Thursday, June 21, 2007


Good Grief, Is It That Time Already?

Yes, apparently it's time for yet another meltdown Chez Lapin.

I have lost all grip on time. I was on Friday all day Tuesday (imagine my dismay when the truth came out) and then today I've been on Wednesday all day. I'm relieved to find out it's actually Thursday but yeah ... it's all a little disorienting. I don't believe I'm entirely well at the moment.

So that's my lame-assed excused for not posting for a few days -- or hours, or maybe weeks -- whatever it was.

I have managed to accomplish a few things this week, though. For instance I have learned how good it feels to abdicate responsibility. "Honey, I can't find the so and so!" "What a pity. You'll have to do without it, then. No, we can't buy another one." "We're out of peanut butter!" "Well, I've eaten peanut butter twice in my life, neither of which occurrences were in this century, so I really can't say where it's gone. Ask the people who eat it." "Mom! Where's my PlasticBrandNameExpensiveItem?" "I don't know." "But I WAAAAAANT it!" "I'm sorry. You'll have to play with something else if you can't keep track of your toys. Here, have a spoon." (It turns out that she didn't want BrandNamePlasticExpensiveItem anyhow. She wanted my attention, and she's just as happy playing with the garden hose and a spoon than she is with the latest doll from the My Little Prostitute (tm) line or whatever the rage is these days.)

I don't know where anything is any more, and I really don't care. I'm sure that several "precious" items that people have left on the floor, expecting the maid to clean up, have likely found themselves walked on, broken, tossed in the trash, whatevah. The maid don't work here no more.

I'm doing dishes and laundry, just because, well, I eat and wear clothes and the smell gets to me after a while, however many items of clothing are also finding their way out of the house. Mysterious plastic bags are disappearing into the car and finding their way into the donation box on my way to work.

I do believe mommy may have snapped.

I've not been wasting all of my time screaming and breaking things, however! (There has actually been no screaming at all involved, which I think is even scarier for the other residents of the madhouse). No, no. I have been also having the flu (isn't vomiting fun?) and dyeing wool.

Let me reassure you here that the vomiting and the wool-dyeing have occurred in separate rooms.

I have discovered that if you are very, very kind to alpaca/tencel DK-weight yarn, that it dyes beautifully. Proof of this should be appearing this weekend (there are only four test skeins, dyed in "Tequila Sunrise", which I wish I had been drinking at the time even though I don't like tequila, but you know the vomiting and stuff sort of precludes the partaking of adult beverages. Or any beverages at all, for that matter.)

There may be some kind of cotton and some cashmere and even some linen should I find the energy to dye more stuff. And if I can borrow a camera. And if it really is Thursday now and this isn't all some sort of cruel game.

Oh yes, and work is completely fucked, but I'm glad it's come to this. I can't talk about the political stuff (which is just a bucket of fun), but I've been working my hours on a "temp" basis for a year and a half and the position has now been posted as permanent. Someone else with more seniority has bid on it and if he/she passes the testing then I'm back to part-time work.

Part-time work which will not pay the bills and will conflict directly with my husband's work schedule. There is a good possibility that this will not come to pass but it's certainly making me reevaluate things and make some hard decisions.

And melt down a little.

I should know in two or three weeks, at most. In the meantime I think I'm going to go dye some more wool. And knit washcloths.

oh yes and i am definitely going to do a drive for washcloths for the drop-in centre that i posted about a few days ago. i'm going to wait until the middle of july so that i have a little breathing room here, but watch this spot for exciting details. or, you know, boring details. but details, nonetheless.

hang in there, rabbitch!
Whew! How you even found the spare time to blog is amazing to me...but then I worship you! Hang in there dahlink, it will all come to a head one way or the other, but you really should call us if you plan to throw things and break things - I want video of that! Count on me for dishcloths - it's about all I have to knit right now anyway! Parfait!
Sorry that you are feeling crappy, or pukey actually!

I actually snorted when I read "My Little Prostitute" dolls. I will not - NOT - allow any Bratz crap into my house, never, never ever!

I did see you at Stephanie's talk in Victoria, I was in the aisle seat behind your friend. I didn't want to bug you, so I didn't interrupt. The funny thing is, when I started reading your blog, I thought that your blog name was "Rabbitish", guess that I didn't read very closely now, did I? As I started reading a few entries, I was thinking to myself "gee, for somebody who claims to be rabbitish, she *really* isn't very shy and quiet at all! Good grief, when I realized my mistake I felt like a right idiot!

BTW, can I mail in dishcloths? I am in Duncan on the island so I cannot drop off (obviously).
Yeesh - hang in there! I don't allow miniature prostitutes in my house either, though I'm sure someone will eventually gift one to my daughter. At which point I will perform the Healthy Body Image lecture every time the doll is played with until DD never wants to see it again, or failing that, knit it a knee length pullover.
Hey, can I gab at you for a little when you get a chance?

Got some dyeing questions for you.

I had a meltdown at work the other day. I think it's in the air.
Fingers crossed all comes good soon.

I don't know how you do it. Me, I'm struggling to function and I'm getting loads more sleep than you and don't have people clammering for stuff or work shit or anything.
You can clean up or you can live in clutter up to your knees. It goes away on its own after 6 or 8 years, but I still wish I'd done the cleaning and withstood the howls!
Poor Rabbitch. I hope you're feeling better. Pukey is not so much fun.

But good on you for cleaning out stuff - I did that in February and it's a good feeling. I'm not done but it's a good feeling.
somehow, there is something REALLY wrong w/ a place that will let you work a job for that long, and then give it to someone else to do the minute they make it a real job. Even if that someone DOES have seniority. Why hasn't SHE been doing it all this time? eh?
Hope you feel better, and that she messes up on the test just enough that they hire YOU for your own job instead.

Sorry to hear that life is kinda suckin' canal water for you lately.

Glad to hear that you've been dyeing like a fiend. Have you decided on a name for the bacon yarn? :P

I don't like the "I'm a bitch" dolls, either. Also, what's up with all the prosti-tot clothing these days? Why does my 8 year old need a belly shirt? or hip hugger jeans?

Hope the job thing works itself out. Jobs are such a pain. Too bad communism doesn't work, such a nice idea. LMAO!
Rabbitch: I'm way southwind of you in Atlanta and I can still feel your pain! I am attempting to resist the urge to mangle my coworkers. I think I might be able to get through the day without the police being involved, but really! There may be some ranting before sunset and at least one really good bottle of wine! Come on down!!
I have long made it a policy to answer, "I don't know" when asked to locate any item that doesn't actually belong to me, either singly (my calendar) or jointly (the checkbook). Even if I do know. Because to take on that role of Finder of All Things Lost? That way lies madness.
Was it Roseanne Barr who said, "What do they think a uterus is, a tracking device?"

When asked the location of anything, my grandmother, of blessed memory, would always reply, "The last time I wore it, I put it away where it belongs." Wore it, used it, played with it...they all work.

Sorry about the unhappiness at work. I know from (recent) experience how that kind of instability can really fuck with your head. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
One of these days, I'd like to be in synch with you in having a series of absolutely terrific days...!

Meltdown city at my house last night, too. If I don't get my period soon, someone's gonna die.

Send boob pics.
"My little prostitute" had me snorting pop through my nose because it is so true about the fashion dolls.

On a serious note, you could always go back to medical transcription. Then you could work from home, get more hubby and kid time, and watch the dyepot on and off.

-Fellow hoser.
Donating items that your family members apparently don't want sounds quite sane to me.
If they don't know it's gone, they didn't need/want it in the first place.

Hope you are feeling better and the whole job thing works out in your favour. That really sucks. Although I do reiterate that the jobs are plentiful here.

Living here will only make you 3/4 pissed off, 2/3 of the time.
I'm so sorry you had the flu. I hope you're feeling better. I had the flu last Thursday too. Mucho suckage. Even more mucho suckage about your work. I hope it all gets better soon.
It's a bit rich that the more senior person NOW wants the job YOU have been doing for the past year. Why didn't they go for it originally? Oh, probably because it was only temporary. Now that it's a permanent position they want to take it away from you. Well, screw them (or not).
Hopefully the "powers that be" will take into consideration that you have been doing the job all this time, and now know it far better than the other person. If they have any brains, they'll keep you in the position. Best of luck.
P.S. Hope you are feeling better.
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