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Wool and a Book Review

I put a little more wool into the window at Birkeland today (there's about 30-35 skeins in there now I think). I have a few more things to add to the pile of wool but Friday or Saturday there will be pictures.

(And fridge magnets with Ben's cartoons on them which will also be available in my store, the opening of which will hopefully be during the week of May 14 to 18 and about which I can hopefully soon stop harping on, as this was not intended to be a "sell-my-shit" blog at all. Although I'm not quite sure what it was intended to be so, you know, that may serve as well as anything.)

There may not be pictures of some laceweight gone horribly wrong. Um, unless there's someone out there who is craving over 1100 yards of electric-plastic-barbie-pink superwash merino in laceweight. I can't decide whether to try to sell it, to overdye it, or to keep it and make a shawl and actually wear it because I so would. But it's vile.

I've been working really really hard for the last couple of weeks, so as a treat tonight I decided that during my downtime at work I would knit some dishcloths (no, I don't love them as much as I seem to, but someone I like very much at my "other" work has asked for another four of them, so I figured I might as well) and read a book.

I explained to Ben the other day that DH usually meant "dickhead" rather than "dear husband", information which he accepted manfully (and in full awareness of the deservedness of such a title) however he's been fantastic the last few weeks, taking E to the liberry (and did you know if you call it that you have to pay them a nickel? Me either, but Ben's been collecting it from me for some time ...) every Wednesday and in addition to getting books and movies for himself and for MissyMoo, he's been picking up a few books that he thought I would like.

He's usually right on the money, getting things such as Sue Grafton's latest (S is for Silence. I'm waiting for the day she runs out of words and am eagerly anticipating T is for Titferret, but I digress) and stuff by Robert Parker and Terry Pratchett and oh, all sorts of fun stuff.

Unfortunately, today he got "Feel This Book" by Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Garofalo but being full of angst and fury and dysfunctional family shit myself, I can see where she's coming from and sometimes find her moderately amusing. I don't know much about Mr. Stiller although I've heard that ... well ... he sucks. Anyhow, I've found on more than one occasion that I've absolutely loved a book or movie that everyone else has dissed three ways to Sunday so I thought I'd give it a try.

Truly, I believe that performing my own hysterectomy (no, I'm not having one) without anaesthetic would have been a more delightful experience. I'm afraid I'm going to have to be taking out a contract on both Mr. Stiller and on Ms. Garofalo. They should never be allowed to speak, write, or breathe air again. (note to the ministry, this is a joke. i can't afford a hit man. or woman. go away)

I suspected there might be a problem when, on page one, the reader was invited to "pour" over the book, rather than pore over it. Sadly, it turns out that this was sage advice, as had I decanted my coffee across the book rather than into my mouth I might have been spared the pain of the next 20 or 30 pages I somehow managed to lurch through.

Let's just say that Robert Silverberg's "House of Skulls" or possibly even the Greater Vancouver Area Telephone Book (both of which I fortuitously have with me) will be my preferred reading for the rest of this shift.

And to think trees were killed for that ...

(next time i'll tell you how i really feel)

When I was in grade school, they used to show us a movie about two little shmoo guys named "Li" and "Berry" who explained the Dewey Decimal system. If you were here, I could even sing you the whole stupid theme song: "My name is Li! I'm Berry, rhymes with merry, very, cherry -- not PEACH!" Thanks for getting it stuck in my head all day, you, you, you titferret.

I can't wait to see your wool pitchers. ;)
Pick up a copy of Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files"... start with the first (Storm Front) and hang on thru book 4. He writes with a snark and a wicked sense of humor, and the characters are fantastic. SciFi channel's series is OK but as usual the books are better, nad there's 8 or 9 in the series now.
Pick up a copy of Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files"... start with the first (Storm Front) and hang on thru book 4. He writes with a snark and a wicked sense of humor, and the characters are fantastic. SciFi channel's series is OK but as usual the books are better, nad there's 8 or 9 in the series now.
Ditto the Dresden Files rec! If you like humorous mysteries, try Donna Andrews' Meg Lanslow series(Murder With Peacocks, etc.) Especially my favorite so far, about the 3rd or 4th - We'll Always Have Parrots - although I'm probably prejudiced, as it takes place at a fan con, and-- Um, let's just say it was a familiar setting. And not all that exaggerated. [bg] Although thankfully, I've never run into parrots...

As to the vile laceweight, well. Name it something like "Electric Dildo", price it for twice as much as you think it's worth, and list it on some trendoid online site. Betcha someone will fall for it!
Love Pratchett, enjoy Grafton and Butcher. Have you looked at Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon mysteries? Snarky, intelligent and great fun.

I'd over dye the yarn - but that's just me :)
Sell it to Jack Davis, fibre artist. Google his name with "crochet." Go ahead, I dare you.
You'd be surprised who would purchase that bright of pink yarn. My daughter (who's 19 yrs old) still adores pink. However, I tend to protect my eyesight as I grow older so I have to draw the line somewhere in my knitting and crocheting. The color between VS pink and Pepto pink is about a bright as I can handle.
You see, that's why I adore you so much. I'm actually one of those idiots that thought it meant 'dear husband'. That's why I changed it to 'hubster' for myself - cuz I'm not into sap and, let's face it, anyone you share a bathroom, checking account, and other essentials of dignified human existence - isn't going to be dear to you all the time.

On the dye disaster, I say kill it with a deeper red and enjoy watching Barbie swirl. But, you know, I have a violent streak. Congrats, my heroic bunny, on your accomplishments and don't you go disguising your beautiful self in electric dildo pink.
See, here in GA, if you don't call it the Libarry you have to pay a dollar. We can talk privately about those other people....
I love that you "tell us what you really think". It's so refreshing. As a Canadian transplanted in the US, I'm learing all sorts of pronunciations for words. Today it was "bagina". I actually asked the teacher that said it to repeat herself because I was sure I had heard her wrong. (sigh) Alas, I hadn't.
Hey, I'd be interested in some crazy-assed, jacked-up pink laceweight. I love to work with stuff that makes people scratch their heads. Please contact me (at annaironside at yahoo dot com) if you're going to sell it!
I assume Ms. Grafton's first book was 'A is for Assbeagle'? I'm still trying to work that word into a crossword puzzle, as are my co-workers who like the term.
I'm sorry about your book experience. You really read on for 30 pages? What, do you enjoy pain?
I like Terry Pratchett a lot. Have you read any Robert Rankin? He's similarly tongue-in-cheek but more random. I can't decide whether I like his books or not. They are VERY RANDOM. Like, make up this shit as I go along random. My friend recommends The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse but I haven't got to that one yet. Still on Fandom of the Operator.
You could try putting some royal blue dye over barbie pink, and perhaps you would get a cobalt blue that shines ...worked for me.... waiting on the birkeland pics, haven't been there since the brothers ran it and no storefront in those days, sounds very uptown...cedar
I still have that book somewhere, I think. Rain-damaged, I believe. I didn't think it was that bad, but I'll read most anything. In fact, if I were bored enough, I probably would read the phonebook. Fortunately, I usually have projects on the needles I can give my attention to instead.
Ooh.. I stopped by the window yesterday to have a look, will have to do it again today!

Particular loves: the brilliant Orange Crush Toe Jam, and the beautiful yummy logwood... can't wait to see more!
Thank you for the Jack Davis, Lee Ann. Brilliant. The vile pink lace weight is just crying out to be one of Jack's works of art.
Ahhh...another fan of Grafton and Parker. I dread the day she runs out of alphabet and he decides he simply MUST kill off Spenser because a 90-year-old tough guy just isn't going to work.
If you like Pratchett and Gaiman (you have read "Good Omens", yes?), I think you'll really like Christopher Moore. Here's his website:
I don't know which is my favorite. "A Dirty Job" makes death funny, which is a feat. But "Fluke" has whaley-boys.

As for the hot pink laceweight, I'd vote just mark it up high as a one-of-a-kind and sell it. Someone is looking for that exact thing, you know!
Hot pink lace weight?

I'd be looking for yarns in obnoxiously bright colours. Oh, yes, please. If you want to sell it, email me at emmasee100 at hotmail dot com

It would be just the thing I am looking for.
One of the workers at our teenytiny library always answers the phone "Milltown Public Liberry!" I think that makes it official.
T is for Titferret. ROFLMAO...I love her novels and I thought S is for Silence was awesome. Love your blog. It channels my cranky voice (the quiet one in my head). Keep it comeing!
Which is why proofreading before the publish button is pressed is a good idea. I meant "coming."

Okay, I have to confess, at 42 I still love Barbie pink. I don't wear it much but if the price was right (cheap) I'd probably buy it, unfortunately you probably wouldn't make any profit off of it. On the other hand if I promise you a picture of the finished shawl, on me ( with my recently shaved for St. Baldricks hair) we might be able to trade). Let me know if you can afford it.

Another Grafton and Parker fan here. I also like the Meg Lanslow series and the Anna Pigeon books. Anyone for William G Tapply's Brady Coyne mysteries? Thank goodness for libraries or I'd be torn between yarn and books.
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