Tuesday, May 22, 2007



The podcast is up! I haven't had time to go listen to it, myself, so if I'm not faboo please don't tell me.

Tomorrow I get to go meet with blogger and wool-dyer extraordinaire Jayne, and then get someone who's been annoying me fired, and then update the store! (I may not manage to get the firing part done, but the rest ... for sure.

And now to work.

Okay, now I really want me a skein of yarn in 'Koala Twat'. I know any number of people who would love to receive something in that colo(u)r.
oh geez, I'm late but now I have to figure out how to listen! now!
That'll teach me not to have my MP3 player at work - have to wait to get home to download and listen. I don't think I would get away with listening here at work.
The majority of the interview is work-safe.. and I give plenty of warning before the non-work-safe stuff appears :)

If you go to http://podcast.christagiles.com and click on the 'download episode six' link, there's a good chance that it will open and start playing on your computer, so if you have speakers plugged in, you'll be good to go!
Okay, what I want to know who is that woman with the pleasant voice whom Christa Giles is claiming to be Rabbitch? I have never heard Rabbitch's voice in person but clearly the hilarious, foul-mouthed, druken ranter who writes this blog would never sound like that. Period.
Seriously, what a beautiful voice you have!

It was a fabulous interview, lots of useful/helpful information, enjoyed it very much!
But you are marvelous! You make podcasting sound so easy! (kmcat, I agree, I would never have made the connection!)
You sounded lovely but you also got me into trouble with my beloved husband. Evidently he doesn't appreciate my burning desire to own a skein of Koala Twat in addition that Electric Sheep Douche that I want so badly for my mother in law.
I love my Koala Twat! And I love calling it that. I'm saving it for something special....heheheheheh

Enjoyed the 'cast!
kmkat - it should be noted that I've not actually met Rabbitch in person, or spoken to her by phone.. so it is entirely possible that the lovely, polite, non-cussing voice that we hear is an imposter.

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