Monday, May 07, 2007


Warped Perspective

Clearly there is something wrong in my life, when I really can't see any need to buy new shoes because it's a frivolous expense and these ones can last until December (which is the month in which I usually buy shoes, but I skipped it last year) but I have no problem whatsoever with seriously considering paying $127 for a kick-ass drop spindle. Dude, I have a great need for #14. And about 9 of the others.

Bonkers, I am.

I also need some of the new spindles over at the Mouse House. Funny thing? I have a Turkish drop spindle already. And I can't actually spin on a spindle. It would appear that I am a covetous whore. Either that or this whole yarn diet thingie is getting to me.

The podcast recording is finished and although I don't know if it's quite what she wanted I think it'll be up in a couple of days. I'll post a link when it's ready.

I've done enough dyeing and whining and running in circles for a bit. Tonight I think I'm actually going to knit for ~me~. Wish me luck trying to find Kiri ... thought I might take a whirl at finishing that puppy up.

Because, you know, every girl needs to wear a cashmere shawl while working in a filthy basement.

stay tuned, there may be a drunken rant tomorrow about some asshole politicians who think they deserve a 29-54% raise out of my money

Ohmigawdyouareevil, woman! #14, yes. And #2, #11, #16, #17, and no bloody way am I ever gonna spend even $67 or so for a spindle. Dad made me two medium ones. A friend's boyfriend made me two teeny little ones from cabinet door knobs and small dowels. Heck, those latter, I could make too if I needed another size. Plus I have two spinning wheels I haven't used for ages. I do not need a new drop spindle that could cost my entire food budget for the month in the top ranges.

But ohh, do I want one now!

Evil. ;)
This is probably heresy, but ... if I was going to spend $125 on a drop spindle that even though lovely to look at, would irk the shit out of me because it's so SLOW! and swings like a pendulum! and you can't make any progress because you have to keep stopping to do something about the yarn at the top!

I would use it to buy a spinning wheel (another spinning wheel, since I already have one) instead, hoping that there was enough left on my credit card to make up the difference without incurring the wrath of the Bank of America.

But that's just me.

I am eagerly awaiting the drunken rant. I was beginning to think you joined AA or something -- it's been so long.
Numbers 9,17 and 18 do it for me.
I have a Turkish spindle and a hi/low spindle....I'd be saving my money for a wheel at this point, I am sadly wheel-less.
You're my new role model (giggle). I am new to the fiber/fibre addiction but it has completely replaced my shoe obsession. Because of you I am taking a spin/dye class and hope to find a new way to bring yet more fiber into my life. So thanks and curse you. Looking forward to the drunken rant.
I don't know whether to hate you or thank you for pointing out those spindles. Wow! Covetcovetcovet... (And I'm totally with you on the spindle vs. shoes thing.)
I want one of the moose antler spindles here: Those are only $95. I should get two.
Well, I gotta say that your politicians aren't as smart as ours - when ours give themselves a pay raise with our taxes, they don't TELL anybody.
Ooo, you are an evil purveyor of spindle pr0n! Now I want number 4 ... and several others. I am not even past the "park and draft" stage of spinning!
Your lust for the $127 spindle helps me to not feel so bad about mine for a $97 one. They are gorgeous. Good luck finding and finishing your Kiri.
Wearing something wonderful (or slinky!) while being in the filthy garage actually makes it easier to be there. Trust me. I know.
So what does it say about me that I dreamed I was pulling spinning wheel parts out of a landfill because I couldn't afford to buy one.

I don't even spin.
very classy looking window, and the stuff in it is looking good too....nice work wish I could get a close up look , the display looks really fine!!!
Um - yum! I wouldn't blame you a bit, but I am a bit of a shoe wh0re...

Thanks for the eye candy.
Just what I needed more of in my life -- fiber tool lust.
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