Friday, May 18, 2007


Vow of Silence

Bet you thought I'd fallen down the outhouse or something, no?

I haven't taken a vow of silence, I just had a tough week involving The Cold of Doom and also The Wall of Stench (with thanks to Phil Spector who seems to be having a hard time also these days.)

There will be a post explaining all very shortly, but in the meantime please be assured I'm alive and well and cussing up a storm.

Would that be the 'Great Wall of Stench'?
It's reassuring that you're cussing up a storm though.
I'm so glad you didn't fall down the outhouse. I hate when that happens. (Zellers has a great spray for animal odours, "Odor Away" that will clear up just about any smell,though...whether it's a fall into the outhouse, or Walls....)
I figured if you fell down the shithole, I'd probably hear the cursing all the way down in Pennsylvania.
If you do fall down the outhouse, please take photos for the blog, particularly any country shaped bruises that appear upon asses overhead.
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