Friday, May 11, 2007


Uh ...

Well, things either just got very good or very bad. It's sort of hard to know which.

Our babysitter had to cancel on us once too often and Ben lost half of his job yesterday 'cause we didn't have any backup childcare. So now he's working his ugly and hideously-underpaid job only two days a week instead of four, seeing they hired someone who can actually show up (which is something I wish I'd thought of, myself).

No need to lament, we're tough and will get this fixed up right quick. He's looking for something else (and has been for weeks) and my online store is going to open Sunday come hell or high water, but dude. Not quite the news I'd planned on hearing this week.

Seeing I have no plans to quit drinking, and in fact may well have to step it up a fair bit because of this, I think I'm just going to have to stop feeding the family. And, in the meantime, I'm going to knit.

No, not washcloths. Lace, believe it or not.

And now you ~know~ I'm in shock.

Clearly I'm also in shock.. as I'm attempting lace myself.
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Online store, online store! YAY!
That sucks..
and yet...
last time that happened to us, we found much better alternatives on the other end.
Online store!!!!
Uh, more time for Ben to make drawings for magnets? Or to put together a book of cartoons?

You know, just because your store is going online doesn't mean I'm going to stop harassing you in psuedo-person on IM. Heh.
Man that sucks. You seem to be due to have a whole bunch of good things happen to make up for the lousy crap - I hope it starts SOON!
Oh, man. Serious suckage, yes; I've been in that situation! (Only not with a kid, egads, talk about freakout time.) Sending equally serious good luck vibes northwards - new job for Ben, your store being continuously assaulted by solvent schools of ravening knitters, and a permanent babysitter who's kind, patient, smart and works for peanuts. Also sending virtual chocolate-covered ginger and whatever alcohol goes well with it. Luck, luck and lots of tour buses!
Damn, I completely missed yesterday's rant, and such a righteous one. Babe. Glad to hear E is feeling better, loved the ASS comment from her.
Yep, get Ben on that hamster wheel for more drawings...waiting patiently for online store....
lace....mmmmmm.hmmmm....lace, can't wait to see this, I love knitting lace.
Congratulations or sympathy or whatever's appropriate. I just hope it all works out to being very good.
GAH! Deja vu!! Although it wasn't our babysitter, it was the daycare saying, "Sorry, your kids are sick, take them away immediately!"

Hang in there!
Oh...been in similar situation. Not fun. Good luck to you. I am looking forward to the store opening, but, can't do anything with the knowledge until Tuesday, ie, payday, to do anything about it.
Dear HoneyLamb: I rarely do this, but I will quote you one of my Life Songs (you know the ones ~ they come on the radio and you go all "Dudes, they're SINGING MY LIFE!!!") and here it is, courtesy of Beth Nielsen Chapman: (and a-one and a-two and-a...):

Hey baby it's a mean old world
Gotta keep your feet on the ground
Gotta have a heart like Jesus
When the devil come an' knock you down
Trust what's inside you

No religious intent implied on my part, but I take it to mean that following my bliss is just wonderful but don't be surprised if life comes and slaps me up along side the head.

The best laid plans etc etc and my personal belief is that it all works out for the best.

Bottom line: you rock, Girlfriend, and k sura sura, or however it is they spell that.
Oh, that sucks! I'm excited for your store, though.

I hate childcare worries with the heat of a thousand suns. Multiplied by a million.

Hoping this opens a new door for you, if only the door of the fridge holding a sufficient quantity of good beer or maybe a nice chablis.

Love ya hon. Can't wait to join the fray at your online store Monday. I maybe should put on my hockey gear first.
Should we send beer or something?
Oh babe, I'm sorry for all the suck going on. We need to have a drink together, at least viturally as we live a few hundred miles apart and clearly neither of us have money for gas to meet up in person. We are right next to you in the no cashola department
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