Sunday, May 13, 2007


Tick ... Tick ... Tick

That's the countdown clock.

Thanks to my Man in Japan we got the software working (yes, I let him fondle my FTP from afar). I think the store will be up and running by the end of the day.

And now I just have to take pictures of stuff, see if I can link to a Canada Post rate calculator, fix the checkout, change the banner (which I can't for the love of Pete get worked out, and believe me I'm not loving Pete much at all right now) and bla bla bla ...

While you're waiting, why don't you go visit Dorothy. She's running in the Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research. Her husband laughed at her when she said she was going to try to raise $2,000. Let's show him he's a poo-poo head (thank you, Ryan, for that incredibly mature term!)

There are prizes (and will be more once I get this sock stuff into the dyepot ... oh sweet FSM, that's one more thing I have to do this afternoon.)

exit stage left, screaming quietly all the way

You rock rabbitch! I hope Dorothy makes her goal too - I would love to prove her husband wrong as well!
Hey! Just wanted to say I stopped by Birkeland on Sat. to see your display - it looks wonderful! Oh, and my mom wants to know whether "It's Red, Jim" is a Star Trek ref. Congratulations on the window and I hope the online store is running smooth for you!
Well, I went away for a few days, and had to catch up on five posts with you! So let's see.... glad your babe is feeling better. The politicians giving themselves raises makes me so mad I could spit. Sorry about your husband's job and the crappy babysitter. Something better will come along, and you'll end up sending her a card =)

I can't wait to check out your store, which I'm going to go try to do now. However, you'd have to ship to the U.S. That wouldn't be too much of a pain, would it?

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!
I'll have to let the poo-poo head know that he may have to eat his words. Love the new moniker for him. It's about what I felt like calling him.

There are government jobs out here. The pay is a bit better and so are the benefits, but all the crappy treatment and lack of self respect is the same. There are also stomp on your ego and treat you like crap with good pay jobs out for the Mr. out here too.
Go, Dorothy! I put links and info in my blog, after I donated 2 raffle tickets' worth--I mean $20. Canadian!!

Is it time to put my hockey gear on yet? Maybe I should bring my stick, too.
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