Saturday, May 05, 2007


That's More Like It

Birkeland 2
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
I updated the window at Birkeland today, added some baskets, hung the stitch markers where people could actually see them, added another dozen skeins of wool, and of course the fridge magnets, which came out beautifully.

This picture is way better.

Thank you for the kind comments yesterday. If you're in the area, check back again some time. I'm going to be updating every few days. There are another 15-20 skeins just waiting to be dry enough to wrap up and put in the window.

As for yesterday, some folks have asked why Birkeland couldn't sell the wool for me. I'm renting the space, they're not selling for me. Seeing they're getting a (very) minimal rent, they're not making any profit from this, so collecting money on my behalf would make more work for them without giving them a whole lot of benefit.

There's a sign in the window explaining it now, so the staff doesn't get swarmed again. Although really ... if there's another tour bus coming through, I hope I'm in the neighbourhood next time! Although I couldn't re-fill the entire window overnight, I'm pretty sure I could fake it.

And now, to get the kid into bed, and cast a pod ...

Nice photo. Tantalizing yarn. Poor staff!
Congratulations! It looks wonderful - you're so cool!
Mmmmm, very nice display, the colours are gorgeous, just loves me a good fridge magnet...
Awesome. Ka-ching ka-ching -> quit job working for assholes.

I was sorry to see that Birkeland isn't selling for you ... as in I was thinkin' maybe they might bring some/all of your pretties with them to Fibrefest.

Are you making the trek out to Fibrefest in Abbotsford?
Great job on the window! Looks like you really have been busy!
Looks wonderful.
Woohoo! You're officially a Wool Wench! :-)
Urm... you pod cast? Where? Window looks great. Looks really nice with the baskets. Wool wench - heehee =)
You make me want to knit, what with the seductive call of your colorful, tarty wool and all that...

I hereby name you the Purl Pimp.
That is SO awesome! Can't wait to see your online presence!
I'm glad it's going so well.
as a dedicated rabbitch blog reader, and knitting-podcast listener, i can only say that I am more than excited to read you are podcasting! Please let us know what its called so we can download it! (Please put it on itunes for those of us who insist on using itunes because it automatically updates...)

May you be favored with the future of your choice. Also fiber accessories.
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