Saturday, May 12, 2007


Technical Difficulties

Well. The shopping cart software says I've installed it. My hosting service says I've installed it.

However, apparently I've installed it backwards or something and I'm locked out. I suspect that I may have installed it so that everyone BUT me can go in and alter the settings.

Um, we may try this again later. However the store may not be open until Monday if I can't get this worked out and have to get my resident WebBastard to do it for me.

I'm gigglesnorting madly. It's quite fun to be me, you know.

Hang in there, kid!
Sorry you're having so much trouble. Hope you get it worked out soon!
Cuz I get yarn for mother's day, and I want YOURS.
I screwed my ZenCart up too.. if that's any consolation.
Wait. It's called ZenCart? And everyone who tries to install it screws it up and spends hours tearing their collective hairs out?

That's just wrong.
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