Monday, May 14, 2007


Okie Dokie

The Store is up and running.

There isn't a lot there yet, but I'll be updating daily for the next few weeks.

The weight is also wonky, it's working in pounds instead of grams but I messed with the shipping settings so the shipping prices are right. And the package that says 480 lbs will actually be just under one pound. Ain't techmology grand? (no that is not a typo.)

Thanks to everyone who has shown such interest, and to everyone who's put up with my endless whining. (and to the five Bloglines subscribers I lost during this entire painful process, you are all poo-poo heads. *g*)

This is a huge relief. I'm going to put in a link on my sidebar, and then stop talking about it here. There are more important things to discuss. Like knitting.

Tomorrow we shall discuss lace. Lace, and whether or not I think I can finish Kiri for the 2010 Olympics, seeing I failed so miserably last year.

And now to try to take some better photos, 'cause everything looks like ass, and then get off to work.

Ooo the Aubergine is pretty!! I have no money, unfortunately, but still, pretty!
Store looks great. Except I think you spelled "fiber" wrong.
Nice job lady. You really need to stop being so lazy. *g*
Congrats! :-)
The store looks very nice indeed! (And how wonderful to have original art!)
The store looks great and I love those fridge magnets...and that Aubergine....that's some drool worthy yarn....must go check the $$ situation....
Congratulations, Bunny Girl!
The store looks great! I've been waiting for my chance to get the fridge magnets so I ordered the whole set. Yippee, can't wait to get them.
Poo-poo heads? LOL, reminds me of when my boys were younger, they used to call each other "fart face"! Always conjured up such WONDERFUL images, let me tell you.

Now, to go check out the new store; congrats on getting it up and running!
Woo hoo! Congrats!
Yay for you, and for the new store! Once I save up more allowance money, I'll be shopping!
Online store looks great, as does your Birkeland window!! Congrats!!
Honey, I linked to you. I hope this sends you so much traffic that your sales boom and you can immediately retire and sit around and write things to entertain us.

I'm selfish like that.

Fibre is a correct spelling! But, right now your shopping cart hates me, and I am at work, so I can't fiddle with it any longer. (listen with 'Ahnold' ears...) I WILL BE BACK!

Looks wonderful! (except a missing picture?)
Oh, excellent, another place for me to spend money! I am drooling over the "Happiest Yarn on Earth", even though I can't wear that color at all. Now I'm going to have to think of someone who can.
WOO HOO! You did it! It's sometimes tough to start your own biz, raise a family, work two shitty jobs, etc, etc. but you so did it! Proud of you! I agree with Franklin! You must soon retire and sit around.

Now, I like to think I'm pretty good with zencart as I used it to design my own site ( - presently closed tho as I'm trying to sort out where to store all this soapmaking crap in my tiny NYC apt now - but I digress, as you do... so if you need any help w/the cart do send me an email!

PS: Don't you love how blogger let's you "choose an identity"? Why, I think I'll be spiderman today!
Hi, the name Kiri caught my eye. I was just in DC and went to Capital Yarn, the woman working there was wearing an incredible shawl, she used Koigu and three different colors. When I remarked how nice it was she showed me that pattern online. It is on my list too! cheers. Lori
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