Wednesday, May 09, 2007


No Rants For You!

Kid's at home sick with her third earache in the space of a couple of weeks. We've got an appointment with a specialist coming up in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime I'm gonna go and be all maternal and stuff instead of entertaining you.

There's still tomorrow ...

Hope your baby is well soon. Big hugs or whatever else might soothe her. I know how miserable the ear trouble can be.
Poor baby! (You and her both). My second-youngest was coughing all night. No other symptoms yet, but I know what's coming.
Best wishes for the kidling!
Poor kid. And she has such excellent taste in yarn, too.

(By the way, you are nothing but a scurvy little titweasel of a TEASE.)
I hope she feels better soon... 'appointment in a couple of weeks'? I hope they've given you something to help her out in the meantime, surely.....
Am I the only one who read this as "No Pants For You?" at first glance?
I hope she's feeling better soon; earaches SUCK!
Oh, poor baby (and poor, poor Mama), I had to go the tubes route for my oldest. She rarely gets earaches anymore. (But on an unrelated note, got 3 stitches in her little toe last night, after stepping on glass!)

I hope she gets better before she wears you down.
so sorry to hear about the earache. They are no fun. You go be mommy. That's more important than your internet buddies anyway.
so sad! :( I used to suffer from chronic ear aches as a little one. I had taken so many antibiotics that my adult teeth grew in yellow.
I too had tubes. Solved that problem right there!
I still get the occasional ear infection still though. As it turns out I have malformed eustation (did i spell that right?) tubes. Lucky me!!
Earaches are the devil. Hope you find the solution soon.

Ahh..Joanne. No Pants Day was LAST WEEK.
But yeah, I saw that for a second myself.
Earaches suck ass. I got a couple of killer ones in high school. I hated having to be sent home because of an earache, but it really did hurt - to the point where an ice pick through the eardrum was a daydream for me.
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