Thursday, May 03, 2007


Just A Quickie

I disapprove. Of pretty much everything.

With thanks to my favourite bunni.

Truth be told, I don't actually disapprove of much. Things are good right now, if busy. Wool is selling, work is shutting up, bills are getting paid. Nobody's helping me in the house but I'm close to the point of not caring right now. Hubby's job is so sucktacular that I'm expecting him to either quit or be fired any day now. That happens, he can clean the damned house. Until then I shall just require visitors to bring their own shovels.

Be warned.

hee hee. I had no idea you were that disapproving.
You knowe about Cat Macros, right?
I've always loved quickies.
I just came by to say that I disapprove of this post.

(Just kidding. Thanks for the link love.)
My shovel has been very heard at work over here, as it is...but I'd come dig myself a path into your place anyday :-)
(pssst..I got a new computer)
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