Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I Has A Mittnz

Does you?

If you've got a minute or three to make a mitten (or three, or sixteen) in the next four months, please consider doing so and donating them to Ann's cause.

Really. Mittings for little kids don't take long. Even I might manage a pair.

We will tolerate no mentions of my complete lack of knitting of anything but dishcloths and a pair of socks this year at this point. I can make mittens. And shall.

And besides, I'm donating a prize so shut up.

Go knit a mitten and quit picking on me, k?

can you suggest a really easy mitten pattern, preferably on size 5 needles?


ellen in indy
Cool, I haven't knit mittens for kids yet, but I bet they are fast and easy.

I'll have to stash dive this afternoon and see what I can come up with.
I have plenty of yarns in my stash and shall make some mittens! Thanks for the "kick in the a**."
One of the Stitch 'n' Bitch books has an easy mitten pattern that looks like alligators. I've knit two pair and they go really fast, and if you're knitting for kids, they're pretty fun. I use the sew-on google eyes for them. They're on size 5 DPNs.

Cool! I need more tiny projects to carry around with me so my purse and/or tote bag resembles a wooden porcupine.
I'll knitz a mittenz. Two even, if any case there's any two handed children out there.

Of course I say this with all the assurance of one who has never even knit a mitten before.
For ellen in indy: I've made several pairs of these: http://www.p2designs.com/images/patterns/MittCuff.html in several sizes, and found them quick and easy. They call for US 6, but I'm sure US 5 can be made to work.

For Rabbitch: I missed a paragraph. Who is Ann, and what is her cause?
You are a wonder - thank you for pointing out this knitting opportunity! You don't know how close to my heart and soul this hits.
Thot you might be interested in taking a look at this:

I'll knitz some mittenz! I joined the Yahoo group. You should dye some Mittenz sheep string. We woodz so buyz it!
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