Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Fun with Dick and Jayne

Well, as promised, I met with Jayne for coffee this morning.

She's way cool, and we had fun, including an exchange of wooly goodness (I think I got the better end of the deal, but don't tell her that!).

So yes, fun with Jayne. Unfortunately it would appear that I'm a bit of a Dick and didn't manage to get the store updated today. There have been a couple of small blips on the radar Chez Lapin and I've been having trouble sleeping. Well, the stress coupled with the huge coffee that I thought it would be sensible to have this morning seem to have worked to let me get a whole two hours of sleep today. Could have been as much as three, but it was in about five instalments so basically I'm running on empty here.

Tomorrow in the store there will be maybe a dozen skeins of "Burly Wool" in various shades of blue, some worsted weight in red, some sock yarn in blues and purples, and some utterly hideous pink I was embarrassed to discover in my studio this week, and which I have no recollection of dyeing. (Yes, almost the exact same pink as the fluorescent laceweight I recently sold. I think I need an intervention here.)

Stitch markers and orifice hooks should be showing up shortly, also. Who knows what else?

Awww, I suppose what with the no sleep, you didn't get the irritating person fired at work? Nice that you had fun with Jayne, and I'll go look for the update!
I had fun too!

Hey Rabbitch-readers, Rabbitch is really really mean (I promised not to reveal her secret identity as a nice person). Oops!

I got Rabbitchy yarn AND a washcloth. Oh my! So let's don't be debating about who got a better deal from whom. Off to post some pix.
So I see you had much fun with Jayne, but your post title mentioned fun with Dick as well ... ?

Off to download your podcast.
What the hoohaw is an orifice hook? Sounds painful!

Looking forward to the podcast!
"exchange of wooly goodness" sounds dirty. But not as dirty as "orifice hook". htt
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