Sunday, May 27, 2007


Does This Shawl Make My Ass Look Fat?

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Actually it does.

This was originally a full-length shot of the part of Kiri that I've completed, however I realized after I uploaded it that a) we tend to be a clothing-optional household, b) the shawl reaches to my tailbone already and c) y'all don't need to see my underpants.

And now I have to wonder ... is it good or bad that my kid doesn't see anything wrong with taking pictures of my ass so I can put it on my blog?

And is it really wise to contemplate another repeat of this shawl when it's that long already and I haven't added the edging or blocked it?

(Oh, it is? Good, thanks! Can't have a shawl too big, in my books).

What ass?

The shawl is lovely. Repeat all you want...

The shawl pattern. Not the ass. Because repeating your ass will definitely make it look fat. I've repeated mine many times and it's a wonder my pants fit anymore.
well, we really don't need to see your ass.

cause it's most likely not as pretty as that shawl. such a lovely shade of blue!

besides, all asses look alike anyway. now if your crack runs horizontally instead of vertically, THAT would be a sight to see. tee hee
We've already seen your underwear here on this blog.. it was just on your head and not your ass...
Kiri is lovely - lace still scares me.
The shawl is lovely! If you do another repeat, it'll cover up your undies and you won't even have to put on pants when you go out :-)
At least you had underwear ON! I'm just getting to the end of your podcast interview and you sound, so...calm and sane and proper. Are you sure someone didn't impersonate you?
Personally, I think it's odd that your daughter is willing to take a photo of you in your underwear at ALL, much LESS to put on your blog, but maybe she just loves to humor her mother?

Since you spared us all the "ass shot", I'll just comment that the shawl is LOVERLY!
Hee. I once took a picture of a finished sweater to post online and realized by the slimmest of margins that there was a reflection of me in my bra - I had taken the sweater off and been so proud of my success and eager to share, it didn't occur to me that I was taking a picture of it on my dresser IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR.

The "too ugly for the web" police would have been at my door in nothin' flat if that bad boy had gone up... :)
Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous! May I ask what yarn you're using? I love it!!

The Kiri shawl is beautiful! I am betting that had you posted the picture showing your ass, people would have scarcely noticed, being entranced by the beautiful shawl. Unless of course you were wearing red leather thongs or something else really noteworthy...
Lovely! It could only be better the more of it there is.
And what's a picture of ass peaking through a lovely shawl?
Nobody would have noticed unless you mentioned it.
My daughter tried to photograph my tattoo, but it really wasn't working for either of us. In the end I set the camera up on the timer, stripped down, took the shot and cropped my ass out, because nobody needs to see that part of me AT ALL. I love the shawl btw, it's very pretty. What's the yarn?
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