Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Did It!

Got some wool in the window of Birkeland today. Not as much as I'd have liked, as this entire week has been A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it's there!

wooHOO! I guess this means I have a real business now.

More wool is going in tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to sleep.

Yes, sleep. I actually do that sometimes.


I hope you'll take a picture for us when it is completely done. I've been to Birkelands a couple of times, but I'm not likely to get there again before your display is down. :-(
Yes, post photos!
Forget about the sleep, Self-owned businesses don't allow that.
Woot! congrats. I agree, we wanna see photos! Sleep is overrated.
whoopeeeeeee! you GO, rabbitch. (but go get some sleep, too, girl!)

ellen in indy
Congrats! Do we get to see pictures? I'm too far away to get there although I love Birkeland Wools.
I sure hope that you've got good padding under carpet so that you don't get bruised when you thud!
Hip hip, hurrah! Yes, hope you manage a picture. It's not likely I'll get back to Vancouver in the near future, darn it. Although if the opportunity ever comes up, I have my almost-virgin passport at the ready for its second-ever stamp. ;) (First one acquired at Vancouver Airport, I'm proud to say.)

Glad you got some sleep; I hear that display-designing stuff is hard work!
Yes, please to the photos of display windows, and good going!
Sweet dreams, Bunny girl.
Congratulations, looking forward to seeing the pictures.
Home business people do SO need some sleep! :) :)

Your knitting is really gonna suffer for a while -- mine is positively limping -- but you GO, girl.

Doing the happy dance 'cuz I get to see this yarn in person.
Wow! Go Bunster!
YEAH for you! I'll drink a beer in your honor tonight. (spotted one in the fridge this morning--yippee! thought I was all out. horrors.)
I hope you got some quality beauty sleep yesterday/last night.
Yay. Congratulations, Rabbitch! How exciting! And I'm glad you're getting some sleep too.
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