Friday, May 25, 2007


Look! Over Here!

In a vain attempt to distract you all from the fact that I've chosen to clean my insanely filthy house (this involves mostly just drinking enough so I don't notice the dirt) rather than write a post of any substance, I shall now flash some stash at you. And also too some proof that I sort-of knit.


This utterly edible skein of yarn is one of a pair that the insanely-generous Emma sent to me as part of the Favorite Color Swap 2. Except that being as how we both know how to spell, we had the Favourite Colour Swap 2. It's cashmere DK weight from Posh Yarn and because I'm borrowing my father's shitty camera (my shitty camera is beyond repair) this picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. Fortunately cashmere is turning out to be very, very forgiving, which is good as I've had to rip the toe of this sock out three times. I'm hoping to cast on the fourth attempt tonight, seeing I have now figured out that you don't have to make socks large enough to fit over swimfins.

Who knew?


And this is hopefully proof that I occasionally sort of knit at least half of something. This is handspun alpaca/silk sent to me by the quietly burbling Farm Witch (be kind to her, it's spring and she lives on a farm. 'nuff said).

It's a pattern I made up myself (or rather "unvented"). Basically it's a tube with a vertical buttonhole in it, for my thumb. Which is why it probably looks like a tube. With a vertical buttonhole in it. For my thumb.

This is very warm and I actually HAVE cast on the second one. I'm knitting it on big needles so it's a fast knit. Which means I'll probably have it done by the time my daughter has me committed to the State Home for The Terminally Bewildered. Which may well be soon.

And now, back to sniffing toilet-bowl cleaner ...

more goodies tomorrow. unless i fall in

Hey, can that be-nice-spring-on-a-farm thing work for me? Because I got a bitch or two who refuse to cut me any kind of slack for it.

What about Kiri?
Aw, Rabbitch Lady, you are so grand! And your mittie (soon to me mitties) are smashing. But, there are quicker, and more entertaining I dare say, ways to kill brain cells without sniffing toilet-bowl cleaner....and, also, you should maybe not sniff it while it is IN the toilet - but who am I to judge. Oh, and You are knitting a Kiri? How did I miss this - oh, nevermind, I was 'chemically altered' during the olympics...I missed alot.
Flash some stash??? You're talking dirty again...
Love the tube with the thumbholes....circular or flat? I assume circular, but you never know...
I've got a mittie or two on the go. No wait, it is actually two. Keep it up, and now I want cashmere socks too.
The mere sight of your mitt makes my wrist relaxed and warm, and the "utterly edible skein of yarn" is utterly enviable. Luscious.
Five or six years ago I bought a pair of part cashmere socks, and began to realize there was more to socks than I had realized. Handknit cashmere has to be several lightyears beyond nice.
Absulootely love the mittie. Three people in my office would kill for such a thing to cover their fugly wrist brace whatsits (Carpal tunnel, y'know--do knitters get that? I would think so) So make some slightly fatter tubes and offer 'em out. There's a market, I tell you.
The color of that yarn makes my mouth water. "Edible" indeed.
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