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Never try to take a picture of a window on a sunny day.

Here's a very bad picture -- but believe me the other one is worse -- of my tiny pile of wool in the Birkeland window.

I've got tons more and am going to spend my entire night skeining stuff up, seeing there seems to be some interest. They say they've given out tons of my business cards, and I got a call from a lady today from a freakin' TOUR BUS out of Seattle -- full of knitters -- who were standing in the store, very peeved that they couldn't buy out the entire window.

Guess I'm not a hack after all, despite my fears.

Another ten skeins in the dyepots, just about to turn the heat off and head out to work. Hoping to open the online store this weekend, but yeah, I'm also hoping to learn to fly.

Oh they're coming to take me away ...

Your store window looks great! And wow - people calling you demanding your stuff. How cool is that?? Congratz on your accomplishment. God knows you worked hard enough for it.
You are definitely not a hack. The colorways look fantastic.
woo-hooo! you go, rabbitch! i hope the dyeing biz keeps you hopping (pun fully intended).

best of luck.

ellen in indy
I call this leaping in off the deep end! I love the image - an entire BUSLOAD of knitters ticked off because they can't spend money. On your stuff. When you have a minute, indulge in some glee!
No, you're not a hack. The yarn/colours look beautiful! Heh, how cool...although I wouldn't WANT to piss off an entire busload of knitters wanting to buy your cool.
ROFL; love it - ahh, the vision of peeved knitters - and congrats! Sounds like a good omen. Better start keeping track of those bus/ferry/bike/other vehicular schedules. It sounds like the hordes may descend, kinda like locusts, and you'll need to be poised to run like hell and restock the display!
Dude. I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am for you. And proud. Great Job.
Hooray! Hordes of knitters angry over not being able to be let loose in your yarn display!! And yes.. congratulations are definitely in order.
Woo hoo! Congratulations ma'am. Totally. Freakin'. Awesome.
That is soooo cool -- a whole busload of fiber fanatics, furious because they can't spend their dollars on YOUR stuff! It's now official: Rabbitch Rocks.

(Hmm. I just realized that I attributed your Rockin' status with commercial success. Let it be said that You Rocked before the masses, money clutched in their sweaty paws and eager to shove said money into your pocket, discovered you. The current events just add another level of Rockin' to your status.)
How exciting! Now I know a celebrity. :D

Congratulations on your steamroller of success!

I used to work in a heritage park, and the tour buses were our bane...I think these ladies have just redeemed the experience for me.

Good for you! That's so fantastic. (And, frankly, I'm not surprised in the least.)
I got to see it in PERSON today!! Your stuff looks fantastic in the window. The reds are sooooo red, love the black and colours sock yarn. It all looked delicious. And Pearl told me about the tour bus. Yes, buy it all, dear tourists, buy it all!!!
I can totally sympathize with the pissed off busload. GIVE US WOOL! THIS WOOL!

You earned it, baby, now celebrate!
Celebrate, yes. But do get some sleep. They can wait a few hours longer for the yarn; they'll appreciate it even more. Why wouldn't they sell the yarn in the window? Had they already sold the rest? Were they just planning to take orders? "Rabbitch Exclusive Yarns, sold by appointment only"?
Your yarn looks amazing there in that window. Congratulations!!
First order of the week for me is to get myself down to the store and check it out!
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