Thursday, April 19, 2007


Tomorrah! Tomorrah!

I'll blog ya, tomorrah, it's only a week away!

Yes, there seems to be some sort of rift in the time-space continuum happening around here and "tomorrow" can be anywhere from two hours to four days away. Who knew?

I'm still dyeing wool like a maniac in preparation for my debut over there for the month of May. In the process I have discovered that a) "dark purple-blue" and "periwinkle" are the same colour (either that or I made some sort of terrible dye-strength misjudgment) and b) my family is pretty happy to survive on frozen pizza, which is a good thing, really, or they'd all be foraging in the woods for sustenance.

The second blue sock has been finished (and worn several times!), and I have been using some beautiful yarn sent to me by Emma to master Wendy's toe-up sock pattern. Mostly I have mastered this by having to cast the godforsaken mess on four times. I am attempting now to deal with the fact that although the toe finally looks really good, it also -- despite the measuring and swatching and math -- looks like it would fit my husband instead of my dainty tootsies. And if you think I'm giving him salmon-pink cashmere socks, you are highly mistaken. (please note, when i say "godforsaken mess" i am in no way criticizing the pattern, but my own casting-on skills and maybe my ability to actually count for once in my life while trying to knit something)

There are four or five other things brewing in my life right now (I'm busy, I toldya!) but in the meantime paddle on over to Christa's place. Seems she thinks I'm interesting enough to talk to about all of this sheepy stuff. Either that or I bribed her. Your call.

SockMath scares me :D
dude, we both know that i have big feet.

-pretty blinking-
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