Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Things You Learn ...

For instance, did you know that the world is a hell of a lot more fun if you wear a canning kettle upside-down on your head for about half an hour? No, really, if you put the lip of it across the top of your forehead, near the hairline, sort of like one of those really fucking annoying sweatbands everyone wore in the 70s, and then walk around like that for a bit, everyone in the household -- including yourself -- sounds far more interesting.

I may be under a wee bit of pressure. Ya think? But never fear, I haven't had this much fun in ages.

downloaded the software for the store today, made stitch markers last night, ordered ben's designs on 3x5" fridge magnets today, put out for a quote (sent out, you perverts, not that kind of put out) for printing note cards and postcards, dyed more wool ... we're moving forwards. we are also speaking of ourselves in the third person, apparently, but we are fine.

just. fucking. fine.

shut up.

A canning kettle on your head? You must live under a rock! Everyone KNOWS that Dutch Ovens on the head are the "in" thing for Spring.
Congrats, BTW, on all the exciting things happening for you. I wish you much success.
Just think of yourself as the "royal we" ... sounds SO much more "important" and normal!

I'm game for ordering note cards with those sheep designs, if you're planning some ...
Can't wait Janice! Also can't wait to walk to B.B. from my new place and see your wares!
Did you knit while you had the canning kettle on your head? Because if so you need to change your "Knitting without a helmet since... " line.
go Rabbitch! Sometimes, especially when one is acquiring your recent tastes in head wear (stop thinking dirty, you!), it is entirely appropriate and healthy to distance oneself from her crazy self. Thus, the 3rd person. This means you are swimming in it, my dear!
bitch be whack.
but i loves you anyway.
My copper egg-whisking bowl is a tad tight, but it makes a glorious golden helmet of Mambrino.

You'll have to add "website" to the F.O. list.
Oh honey. "Fine" just kinda takes on a whole new meaning with you...
When you start losing arguments with yourself, then you need to be concerned.

Personally, I find life is much easier now that I no longer remember having my sanity!
I'm shutting up. You know me, when someone tells me to shut up, I always shut up. I mean, obviously when someone tells you to shut up they want you to shut up. So I'm shutting up.
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