Saturday, April 28, 2007


Still on the Right Side of the Dirt

I survived my two shifts, just barely.

Life took a bit of a freakish turn (yes, it's been normal so far, shut up) yesterday when I was contacted and asked if I could do both of the display windows, as the person who had booked the other one for May had cancelled.

There was certainly a fair bit of running about and screaming, and also quite a lot of dyeing. I have another eight skeins or so (12 socks worth) of wool to add to the growing pile. Unfortunately this dyeing represents the time that I was going to sleep before work last night so you can imagine just how perky I've been all day, no? Let's just say today was a bad day to be calling for assistance.

Fortunately I was informed today that they were going to use the second window themselves. Relief! And it means that I'll either have more stuff in the window there, or I'll get my own store up and running faster.

In other, exciting-only-to-me news, I got a microphone, figured out how to set it up, downloaded both Audacity and Skype and crawled, muttering (recorded) epithets into the 21st century.

Um, hell. This is the 21st Century right?

I think I'm going to wait for the last four socks' worth of magenta something-or-other to come out of the dyepot (no, I'm not even writing stuff down today, just flinging) and then get my ass into bed.

A girl's supposed to at least know what century it is, right?


I think I've lost track of what you're talking about. Then again, I think it's possible you have too.

So I'm just gonna say 'yes, dear', and take my ever so slightly tipsy arse to bed. G'nite.
You do more on no sleep than I do when I'm officially fully awake. But that's still no excuse for missing as much sleep as you do. Rest deeply and awaken refreshed.
Sweet dreams Bunny girl...
a microphone? Rabbitch podcast?
...or maybe Rabbitch doing phonework from home... I've got a friend doing that and she's making a living at it. Doesn't sound nearly as fun as the dyeing and angry sheep, though. Although a podcast would be great, if you can manage in the copious spare time you'll have while leisurely dying truckloads of yarn. ::ducks hastily to avoid flung sheep:: I'd love to hear you epitheting to the, er, aether. Or something like that. (Yes; I'm weird. [g])

And for ghu's sake, get some sleep, woman! You're beginning to sound like me when I've been up 48 hours.
I just figured out your title. Glad you're up here with us sentient zombies. Wait, that's an oxymoron.

Off for more coffee... can't wait to see pics... you go, girl!
Would you get some freakin' sleep already? We want you on the right side of the dirt for a good while yet.
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