Monday, April 02, 2007


Speaking of Yarn

Electric Sheep Douche
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.

This is the end result of the crock-pot dyeing. Not the world's best photo but I'm too lazy to take another.

I'm pretty pleased with it. As apparently is my buddy Mouse who has agreed to trade this for some of her handspun. Apparently I am craving the handspun of others these days, as I have also engineered some sort of trade with another artiste for some of her stuff.

I believe I am able to duplicate (as much as one can duplicate in hand-dyed stuff) this colourway, and will be marketing it under a far more polite name. Mouse just insisted that it had to be horrible or she wouldn't want it.

Who knew that this whole yarn-diet thingie would result in a barter economy Chez Lapin? The only things I've bought this year -- apart from stuff to dye and sell -- were the two skeins for my birthday.

Despite almost drowning in yarn here, I feel quite noble.

shut up

"Electric Sheep Douche" is a pretty bad name, but when I look at it I see "Black Sheep Abortion."

You don't know where I live, right?! LOL. Oh, I just kill myself.
Oh, ouch! Black sheep abortion is pretty nasty =) !!! It's such a tease, though. I look at your yarn and think, "Ooo, pretty! Is she selling it?" And it's already traded! *sigh* I can wait...
I love Electric Sheep Douche for a name, why would you of all people feel like you had to assign your yarn, "nice" names?
Here you are, exploring the wilder options of names and colors to play with - and I'm giving some textbook, boring rainbow dye dissertation. Argh! I'm such a dork. Why do you even speak to me?
I just want to see the yarn labeled and fancy with the words "Electric Sheep Douche" on it. Of course I'm a sicko- otherwise.. why on earth would I be your friend? hee hee hee
Please please please please leave it as "electric sheep douche" I could buy it, make socks for my MIL and snicker every time I see here wearing them :D
That is some pretty nice yarn. I like it. Who would have thought you were so talented? No really, keep it up.
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