Sunday, April 22, 2007


Sourdough Bread, Goats, Lambs and Ice Cream

I have spent the few (very few) moments I have been awake today craving sourdough bread. Which is sort of funny because I don't eat much bread and I only buy sourdough like once a year or something.

Ah, how the blogging world has deteriorated, that we're (and by "we" I mean "I") posting about bread cravings. I actually once deleted a blog from my sidebar (and my bloglines) for posting her "to do" list, so really, if you need to ditch me like a pair of dirty socks, trust me, I understand.

However, in the hope that I haven't scared you all away I present to you some pictures of my Adventures with Kidlet yesterday at Maplewood Farm.

Baby Angora Goat
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
There were three of these. They all looked pretty much the same.

Dude, I Are Not a Sheep
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
Some giant wobbling ho kept going on and on about how this was a "stupid sheep" because it had gotten into the pygmy goat enclosure and she was yelling for her babies who were on the other side of the fence.

I would just like to note, madam, a) this is not a sheep. This is a goat. There was a label on the enclosure saying "goat", b) the goat got into the wrong area because a stupid human opened the gates; those gates are not designed to be opened by goats. This is also why she couldn't get back to the right side until those of us who didn't feel like mocking an animal in distress decided to help her, c) the goat did not take HER baby stroller, loaded with food, into the pygmy goat enclosure and stand about laughing while the goats ate all of the food and half of the clothing out of said stroller before being reprimanded by farm staff and being forced to take her stroller out of the enclosure.

Beg pardon -- who was it that was stupid?

Um Mom? I think these legs are on backwards.
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
I think the caption pretty much says it all. This lamb was clearly put together from a kit and, not having opposable thumbs, his mother did the best she could but um ... no. The legs didn't work well at all.

He was also really skinny so I hope she fed him right after this.

I has a lamb
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
A somewhat blurry photo of a very content sheep. With a fat little lamb tucked in under her chin.

Spring is sprung
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
There was green stuff growing all over the place. Some of it was goose poop, but some of it wasn't.

This isn't.

Can I Have Ice Cream?
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch.
There was a screw-up with the pony ride thingie and we didn't get to go on one. Somewhat disappointing but they made up for it by giving us three free passes and Eleanor got a little horse's head (No! Not a real one you freaks!) for the end of her pencil and all was well.

And then we went for ice cream.

I once deleted a blog for talking about eating rabbits (and showing pictures of the rabbit in the pot), but sourdough is totally fine :)
well, aside from the giant wobbling ho...sounds like it was a great day!
Your daughter is adorable.
I take it she looks like her father?

p.s. my husband has only 1 opposable thumb. you're...thumbist.
Mmmm, sourdough. Love it, love it, love it. But can't eat it much anymore. Damn, now you're going to make me crave it.

Your daughter is adorable. I take it she looks like her father? Hahaha. I know Carol already said it, but I had to copy. I couldn't resist.
Tiny horse-heads on pencils for the young ones? Call the MINISTRY!
Don't ya just hate it when you are having a perfectly lovely day, and a giant wobbling ho comes along and ruins it?! I laughed so hard that you deleted a blog for posting her "to-do" list! That is a hatefully boring thing to do to one's loyal readers (I mean the to-do list, not the deleting...). Well-deserved!
I was just about ready to delete you from my bloglines ... until I saw the pictures of cute kids. Four legged and two. Egads, I couldn't do it. I'm such a wimp!
Wobbly hos are about the worst. Could you smell the alkeehol on her breath that morning, or was it just plain stupid?

I do believe that we are smartening up the place. You've changed the subtitle!

Thanks for updating occasionally, you make my fulltime workerbee/fulltime student/parttime mothering life seem easier. (Seriously, mothering gets easier when they get older, the letting go gently part is the hardest.)
I so want to go there!
Hey, I think this is an adorable post. So many cute sheepsies and goatsies. Too bad about the wobbly ho.
Did your missy moo get her hair cut? It looks really cute.
If you want to, email me and I will get you a recipe for a sourdough bread starter and the bread you can make with it. It's super duper good (and made with partially whole wheat flour so a bit healthier)and you keep it in the fridge most of the time so it can be kept for a long time.
Unfortunately the stupid isn't limited to wobbling hos. Every time I post pictures of my goats and put the word GOAT under it and talk about my GOATS and MOHAIR, I get at least 3 people who tell me "cute sheep".

Once I even had someone tell me *I* was wrong and it wasn't a picture of a goat, it was a sheep. I wrote back to tell her that since I owned the goat I was pretty sure it wasn't a sheep. What's worst of all is that most of these people are fiber bloggers, THEY should know.

Great you got me all worked up, see? Now I'm gonna have to drink beer.
Whoa! Wobbling ho's and horse heads?! For a second I thought this was a reworking of Scarface!
For children, that is.
Giant wobbling ho...I am crying giant tears of laughter!


I shouldn't be astounded by the sheer stupidity of some, but still I am. So what does that make me? Shutup.

That little lamb IS way too skinny
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